Growing up I always felt I had so much to say, so much to express. Opinions that weren’t always in sync with what most of society believed, ideas that often times were considered cooky. Not being much for what’s considered normal, I clunged to my odd ideas but the problem was that as someone born with a speaking deficiency,  as I call my stuttering, I couldn’t quite express those ideas. Fast forward to me as a seventeen year old, the ideas and opinions were still bubbling in and that’s how I created this blog. I created this blog with the idea of a platform of self-expression and celebration, a safe space for me and you to explore our creative self, and a journal for me to document my life and style.

Here my creativity is boundless, I share with you my Life Stories, my evolving Personal Style, and because I ended up growing up a little bit vain I’m also going to be talking about how to glow like me and look amazing here.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how this here blog came to be. 

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