My Birthday Wishlist 

 My birthday is nineteen days from today and while I still have no concrete plan as regards what I’ll be doing on that exact day I have very concrete wishes as to what I want for My Birthday and seeing how the last time I made a wish list I ended up getting most of the things on it I decided to share with you guys in today’s post what I want for my birthday hopefully it will serve as a gift guide for anybody looking to get me (or someone else) a birthday gift. It better be me:

1) A Camera 

Top of my list is a Camera. I have alot of saved pages of cameras that I want to buy but somehow the money I have budgeted for it seems to keep leaving my account. Because I have so many plans for outfit posts and blog related things and so many creative ideas that the lack of a camera (and a photographer) is holding me back.

2) A Fanny Pack

One of my favorite things about Summer ’17 has got to be the Fanny Pack,  it was worn by almost all my favorite menswear bloggers (and some of my not-so favorites as well) and even though Summer has come to an end I still want it but finding one (affordable or not) has been very hard.

3) A Sponsored Outing

The reason I have no plans for my birthday can be explained in this word: Money. If I had the kind of  money I want I’ll probably spend my Holiday either on a rooftop in Paris sipping some expensive wine across the Love of My Life (Rich people find love early lol) or having a really crazy party that no one remembers what happened that night or even just visiting New York and seeing a Broadway show (That’s my dream for my twenty fourth birthday). Right now I’ld settle for a feast with lots of food and my family and close friends.

4) A MacBook 

Or any other badass laptop to be honest. My HP Laptop finally gave up ghost after quite a number of years and having to constantly create online content with my phone’s typepad is really getting to me and cutting back on my productivity. Plus movies and games. I actually think this is my most pressing need at the moment.

5) A Trench Coat

To be specifc this one, even though it is so way out of my budget I can’t help but wish for it. And trust me I know Trench coats aren’t particularly the best for the Nigerian climate. A Boy can dream right? And trust me I do dream. 

So that’s it. However, I have so much more I’ld like to get for my birthday like an iPhone, money, shoes and also the Spirit gift of Interpretation of Tongues (This is actually key to me) 

Photo Credit: IG @imdrewscott @asiyamigold and Pinterest.

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15 Replies to “My Birthday Wishlist ”

  1. Epic things on your wishlist lol. I really want a sponsored outing too, birthday passed or not. I didn’t know fanny packs were in vogue oh but you can check @marfolvintagewears on IG for them. I’m just chilling for when I’d be rich enough to just help people cross out items on their wishlist. Amen.


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