DIY || Honey & Coffee Facial Scrub 

One of my favorite things about being a Lifestyle Blogger is being able to share my life with people and see people being inspired by it either to try a new outfit formular or a new DIY or just see things from a new perspective and when I get instagram mentions or backlinks i honestly feel very happy. The same way I felt over the DMs I got about this DIY which I shared over my IG story a week ago which was what prompted this post.


Coffee (I used Nescafe Instant Coffee) 


A plate and spoon. 

Here’s What To Do

1) Scoop out a little of the coffee and use the spoon to crush it till it’s fine enough (This will make it easier to apply on your face)

2) Add your honey. I try to ratio mine as sixty percent honey and forty percent coffee because that way there’s enough liquid to form a good enough paste.

3) Mix It till you feel it’s good enough.

4) Apply it on your face and leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes.

5) Wash it off. I wash mine off with African Black Soap- Dudu Osun and that’s it. 

Pretty easy, yeah? 

Do leave a comment if you found this post useful and if you’ll try it out/ have tried it out. 

Thanks For Reading.


14 Replies to “DIY || Honey & Coffee Facial Scrub ”

  1. Skincare king. Lol. Honey and coffee scrub just has this effective ring to it that I love. I’m not coffee tolerant tho so most times it’s sugar and honey for me. These days I just use store bought scrubs because no time lol.
    Laitanbee Blog


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