Life Lately | September 

I remember last year on this day I was making plans for a gym routine but fast forward to a year I’ve barely done a single push up and I’m honestly not even planning to do any anytime soon. I also remember how I sad I was that my birth month was coming around again and I still didn’t have anything to call an achievement but trust me that also has changed.

It’s been a while since I shared with you guys what I’ve been up to but I’m glad I’m doing this now.

So lately I’ve been 

Loving: My dungarees which I thrifted recently. It is beyond perfect, and so easy to style and I so adore it. 

Eating: A lot less food than normal. I’m currently planning to treat myself to something really good sometime soon before my birthday. I’ll probably spend my birthday having a great conversation with someone on my birthday and look back at how amazing the year has been to me. 

Drinking: A lot more of Coke than normal.

Wearing: More of denim than anything. I love how super casual and stylish it is. I keep finding myself reaching for denim jacket unconsciously especially with the constant rain in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Wishing: For an amazing birthday this year, and that the remaining part of this year to be amazing for me and everybody around me

Hating: The squiggly brow trend. I don’t want to be the guy who tells girls what to do and what not to do. But it is CRAP. And i don’t know who came up with the trend but it is the worst beauty trend since ever. Bite me. 

Admiring: Drew Scott. Drew is One blogger and YouTuber I absolutely adore. His instagram feed gives  me life everyday. And his YouTube channel is one that I literally spend all my free time watching.

Determined To: Have a realistic schedule for both my blog and social media accounts that will be consistent enough  and give me enough time for my job and still give me time for regular mental rest.

Craving: Currently craving Spring Rolls and Chicken. With a carton of Yogurt.

Anticipating: For the first time ever, my birthday. My family is surprised about this but part of my excitement is that a part of me can’t believe I’m actually turning Eighteen. And I’ll finally become legal!!

Wanting: A badass camera and/or a photographer.

Appreciating: The very few but good people in my life. I decided this year to focus more filtering people I let in my life and while it’s been hard being not a social person but at least I can count on the few people in my life.

Inspired By: Myself and every young man out there making his honest paper, a name, looking good and respecting women and themselves. Especially those of us in the fashion industry because it ain’t easy.

Regretting:  Not really a regret, but I sorta wished I hadn’t taken too much on my plate which eventually cost me to become mentally tired.

Listening To: All the Glee covers and Broadway songs I can get my hands on. I recently had a conversation with a someone big in the Nigerian fashion scene over Glee and Broadway and 90s music and it was one of the best conversations I’ve had this year. I guess no knowledge truly is worthless.

Watching: And loving The Adventures Of GumBall and basically every other cartoon on  television. I guess my love for cartoons isn’t going anytime soon, which is funny because I assumed as a kid that by the time I’ll be an adult I’ll be watching those movies with bombs and guns like other guys. I’m also finally catching up on Game Of Thrones. FINALLY.

Unsure About: What to make with this Ankara fabric I recently got gifted. I was thinking of maybe a waistcoat or a long line shirt? Comment your suggestions down.

Grateful: About life. And the good things that are been sent my way by God.

Reading: Reading and re-reading random online fiction stories.

So that’s what’s been up in my life, you can follow me on Instagram @quirksandoutfits and follow my daily life routine. Do comment down what you’ve been up to lately.

P.S Happy Holiday to my Muslim readers and do ensure to call on me if you are looking for someone to help you feast. 

Thanks For Reading.


18 Replies to “Life Lately | September ”

  1. Yay to you copping the dungarees! I’m out here still searching o, until then lol! Welcome back, I was so happy when I saw your post via the Reader. I’m glad you’re excited for your birthday this year, here’s to more excitement even when you’re 80 and reprimanding your granddaughter for not blending her concealer properly lmao.


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