Four Basics Of Men’s Grooming

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I’m honestly not a men’s grooming expert or a beauty guru or anything like that, I’m just a boy who spends too much time in the front of a mirror and tries to fix his chubby face constantly. Lol. However, I do think I’ve gotten to that place where I can comfortably and confidently give advice on things like this and suggest products to use and in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you what I consider to be the four basics to every man’s grooming routine:

1) Facial Cleanser | Toner 


In my opinion, this is very important and vital to every body’s facial skin care routine. I personally use the Neutrogena Facial Cleanser which doubles as a toner (Two for the price of one, yes?). I use mine twice weekly, and trust me it really does it work. And its both long lasting and very affordable.

2) Moisturizer

Probably the most thing in your skin and body care routine. The moisturizer you use is responsible for the feel and tone of your skin. I’ve been using the Nivea for Men body lotion with a mixture of coconut oil and cucumber. I however use this only at night because Nigeria is far too hot to dare moisturize during the day plus it actually works better at Night. 

3) A
Shaving Routine 

Especially if you are particularly hairy like I am. I shave my hair/beards every week because my hair grows extremely fast and I can’t let myself look like a werewolf on a full moon. I personally advise every man to invest in a personal clipper because even thought hair stylists sterilise their clippers, it’s better to be on the safe side. 

The next thing to invest in is a shaving cream and a damn good one as well. I’m still new at this so I won’t suggest any yet as I’m still experimenting. Lol.
4) Perfume 

I’ve never understood people who think smelling nice is a luxury. Or a choice. It’s actually good manners, think of all the people that’ll have to sniff you and walk by you? Finding your signature scent is key, and it doesn’t mean you have to find and stick to a particular perfume. You just have to find what kind of scent works for you, what compliments your personality. The main reason smelling nice is important is because we are more often than not attracted to people based on their smell. Ever walked by someone and just felt something stir up in you? Yup, that’s their perfume doing it’s magic. And don’t shy away from deodorants, please.

So here’s what I consider the basics. Personally I feel every man should learn to manipulate a little makeup just so as to cover up little flaws from time to time but since most guys won’t dare have makeup close to their faces, let’s ignore that.
Thanks for reading and I hope today’s post was insightful and you learnt something new today. Do have an amazing day and week.


21 Replies to “Four Basics Of Men’s Grooming”

  1. Now here’s my own comment. I find this list to be unisex because if you ask me, ladies, also need to be well shaved in the important areas. My favorite has gotta be the smelling good part. Smelling good is a necessity ooo and thank God for brands who do their own versions of designer scents 😀


  2. Great post! I don’t use lotions in my face because they tend to make me sweat and uncomfortable but what I do is rub coconut oil on my face at night before sleeping which so far has done a good job in moisturising and getting rid of spots. This post is really enlightening.



  3. Very insightful post. I like that particular one on perfume. I should really take this grooming very seriously. It’s been a while I saw you on my blog, what’s up??


  4. you forgot about adding SPF to your skincare routine.

    Actually, I just got this habit of putting on sunscreen every single time. It can get annoying adding this extra step to your usual shaving + moisturizer + cologne, plus you tend to forget it all the time but when your living with someone who would always remind you to wear sunscreen even if I’m only going out for a couple hours. It just naturally becomes part of your usual grooming.


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