New In || My Late Summer Sandals

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My mum is easily my best friend. We have a great and mostly informal relationship, I share with her things most teenagers would never think of telling their parent and vice versa. But one thing I particularly love about her is how she seem to always know what I want and need without me even mentioning it. 

Like the sandals I’m talking about it, I probably mentioned it once and she got it on her way back and it’s basically everything I love and here’s why

It’s black. You guys already know I LOVE black. It’s easily my favorite color, and I love the kind of black it is. And the gold detailings on the sandals are everything.

It’s very versatile. You know how amazing it is when you know you can pair a particular piece with just about anything and it would work like that’s what it was made for?  Well that’s how it feels in these sandals.
It was gifted to me by my #WomanCrushEveryday. The fact that my mum gifted me these sandals makes them even more special, especially as its her birthday exactly a week from today. And I mostly want to dedicate this post to every amazing woman out there working her magic.
I know summer is rounding but it’s never too late to add something new to your closet. Thanks for reading and do tell me in the comment section the best gift you’ve even been given by your parent!  If you could comment gift ideas for me, i’ld be extremely grateful.


4 Replies to “New In || My Late Summer Sandals”

  1. Awww! I totally admire the relationship you have with your mom being that you’re a dude and all. I’m not even that close to my Mom. Like when people gush about their Mother-Daughter relationship, I’m like “Sorry can’t relate”. Anyway, I digress. I love the look of the sandals and the embellishments too.

    Best gift I’ve gotten from my parents? I’ll say it’s Education both Formal and Informal. I wonder how my life would have turned out if they didn’t give their all so I could get the best education. For that, I’m ever grateful.


    1. Thank you. My. Mum and I do close most people don’t even understand and best part she’s also close to my sister. Well informal education is priceless in my opinion and is such an important gift that I can’t even quantify. Thanks for stopping by dear


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