Product Review : The Hair Conditioner I Swear By

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Okay. First of all, as a Christian I don’t swear and I do my best to not even do it in gest. But be that as it may, the love I have for this Hair conditioner has me bending a few rules and in today’s post I’m going to be sharing some reasons why I love it.

I’ve never  been one for hair products per se, I hardly experiment with my hair neither do I have a hair routine I’m consistent with. I don’t know why that is, maybe because I’ve always had great hair.But lately, with me slowly stepping into manhood (Turning eighteen very soon) I decided to no longer take any part of my health and body for granted (Other than geting my body summer ready in any form) so I’ve been experimenting with products, regimen and just about every thing and in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you the Hair Conditioner that did the magic for me :

I use the Queen Helene Hair Conditioner In the peach flavor, it was gifted to me a few weeks back and it sort of served as a catalyst for me to start taking conscious care of my hair. 


I use mine immediately after shampooing and washing my hair. I usually leave it for about ten minutes and then wash it off with hot water.


It was gifted to me so I sadly don’t know the price but I think it’s within the One Thousand Naira – One thousand Two Hundred Naira range (About Four Dollars).


It doesn’t  have a WOW effect but i noticed it makes my hair even more curly and have a taut yet soft feel with a nice and soft peach fragrance.

Pros : Amazing scent, long lasting, and it has a great feel plus so far I haven’t gotten any problem from using it very consistently.

Cons :The only con or problem I have with it is that it has a subtle effect and I sorta wish it had a more bomb instant  effect but I still think it’s awesome because slow and steady, right? 
So what’s the beauty item you swear by? And what is your hair routine like? Do leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!


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