What’s On My Phone | The App Version 

I’ve never been an app person. I only download apps when I really need them because it honestly feels like so much stress and waste of Data. On that note I should add that blogging has made need more apps than ever and in the months I’ve been blogging I have definitely downloaded alot more apps than i even knew existed in my entire life and in today’s post I hope to show you my favorite and most used apps on my phone.

I use a Tecno W3 and an Infinix Hot Note 3 but because my Tecno (My older and handier phone) has more of my apps (I’ll soon change that because my Infinix has alot more Memory Space) I’ll be going through it:

1) Instagram

Definitely The most used App on my phone. I deleted my Facebook and Messenger App months ago and I haven’t looked back because I’ve been so hooked on Instagram. (Follow me on IG @quirksandoutfits) There’s something about scrolling through someone’s life in just  pictures and captions, especially beautifully curated Instagram accounts.

2) Snapseed 

If you have been reading this blog,then you know that Snapseed Is my preferred Photo Editing App. My favorite thing about Snapseed is that you can easily tweak little details that make up the whole picture with the Selective option. 

3) Bitly

Bitly is an app that let’s you shorten links and track down how many taps it has and also the location of the tapper. Cool, right? I thought so too. I personally use it when sharing blog links on my social media particularly Twitter.

4) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

I only recently downloaded this app and it’s slowly but definitely  becoming a favorite of mine. I downloaded after I heard a fellow blogger mention it in a blog post and I have to say It’s a very useful photo editing app and a few taps and your picture looks very professional and neat.

5) Pinterest 

Pinterest is like the online home of inspiration! From outfits to food to photography to interiors etc you can get inspired for just about anything on Pinterest and even though i’m honestly still trying to figure Pinterest out. I use it to just scroll through pictures and discover new blogs, people, and flatlay inspiration and even outfit inspiration 

6) Tinder 

I honestly don’t know why I have this app but I do. A little while ago, I had a weird moment and I just taught why not and ten minutes later I laughed at myself but I still haven’t deleted it. Sighs. Am I even legal for Tinder? I mean I’m seventeen! And I personally don’t believe in Dating Apps, so it’s weird that I still haven’t deleted it.

7) VSCO Cam

No matter how much I think this app has alot of unnecessary hype (Or I’m just not good at using it)  I can’t deny it comes handy occasionally. Slap on a filter and adjust it till its perfect is so amazing that I can’t help but almost love it lol. Lately I’ve been loving playing with other options other than the filters and I can see why people actually recommend the App but I love hating it so.
So that’s what you’ll most likely find on my phone, I don’t have much apps per se and these are just the ones I can’t do without. Thanks for stopping by and reading. And please share with me the apps you love and are on your phone in the comment section.


11 Replies to “What’s On My Phone | The App Version ”

  1. You underrate vsco cam lol, it’s amazing.
    Well I’m an app person lol, always looking for one better. These days I’ve become a lil obsessed with planners and to do lists so I’m always downloading and looking for new ones. Downloaded 2 today and deleted one. Was just thinking bout downloading lightroom rn, use it on my laptop to edit my pictures so the app might be nice for lil edits when i can’t use my laptop.


  2. I hate having too many apps, but it’s so true when you get into blogging and you want to really incorporate photos into your posts then you need those apps! My favourites are IG, Twitter, VSCO, Snapseed too. Instagram is amazing, it’s just like Facebook and Snapchat rolled into one! Apps are great, but too many can get annoying sha


  3. I’m like you ooo…I was never an app person. I’ll literally download and app to use just for that moment, let’s say to grid a photo or download a song and uninstall it once I’m done 😂. But the constants are Instagram, Facebook page manager, twitter, Pinterest and text gram. I need to get this bitly now. It’ll come very handy for twitter and my page share. Thanks you!


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