Womenswear Tips From A Guy 

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This post is partly inspired from how much you guys loved my Makeup Tips From A Guy post and your replies.

I’m a very opinionated person. I don’t voice my opinions alot but I definitely have them and if you have read my About page then you’ll know that part of the reason I started blogging was because I had opinions about a lot things and no where to share them. And one of the things I’m usually bitting my lips to prevent myself from commenting on is usually people’s outfit and mostly that of the opposite sex and in today’s post I’ll be sharing some things I find amusing about in women’s fashion while also sharing tips on how to fix it so let’s get right to it:

1) Wearing Tights As Trousers 

I’ve honestly never understood what that was all about to be honest. I’m always uncomfortable whenever I see this because I feel like I’m either looking at someone naked or someone wearing undergarment. I feel like the only time that it’s acceptable is when it’s worn under a skirt or a dress. I don’t think there’s a tip here just a plain ‘Sweetheart, don’t’ suffices. Right? 

2) Thinking One Black Bag Is All They Need

One of reason my mum and I get along so well is because most times we just sit back and look at people and share our thoughts on them. Lol. And one thing I’ve noticed is how alot of women seems to have that one black bag that  they always seem to have on. I mean sure black goes with everything but REALLY the one bag?  But I feel some women fail to realize that a bag’s shape and size and build determines what you should pair it with and not just it’s colour. A reason to invest in bags of different colours, shapes and sizes.

3) The Face Beat

Back  in the day, there was a saying that you aren’t fully dressed without a smile. I’m here to tell you. You aren’t fully dressed without the right face beat. But first can I just tell the ladies this: A face beat doesn’t have to mean you have your whole trunk of makeup whipped out and your highlight so blinding we need shades! The right face beat for the occasion, I mean I can’t imagine my future spouse going out of the house without a face beat ( you wanna get married to this guy and not be makeup savvy? No way) but I don’t expect her to be talking a walk and have her face looking like she’s about to walk down the aisle! 

4) The Right Shoes

For some reason women have this idea that they are the ones that care about the shoes the men are wearing and the men couldn’t care less. When in reality men do, at least I know I do. I know my friends do. My sentiments are the same as the bag issue, some women seem to feel like they need that one shoe. That’s wrong and I’m surprised because women have so many amazing affordable and high quality brands like FSJ Shoes that make quality shoes (FSJ Shoes actually makes theirs by hand! And for all sizes so you don’t get to say you couldn’t find your size AND For such affordable prices)   and they aren’t shopping till the drop?  I feel like women have so many options: Flats, heels, gladiator sandals, gladiator heels etc that I understand they maybe indecisive or feel overwhelmed but I also think that women ALWAYS need more shoes. And the best part is there are awesome brands out there like FSJ Shoes which go out of there way to make it possible to get the best at amazing prices.
Thanks for reading guys and I do realise that this post is quite lengthy but I have so much to say and now it’s your turn to leave your comments! 

*This Post is sponsored By FSJ Shoes but the words are hundred percent mine and of my opinion and the images are mine except the first one which is from Pinterest. 


8 Replies to “Womenswear Tips From A Guy ”

  1. And we’re back, I always look forward to a guy’s perspective on things like this. Now your first point yes, tights will never be pants, please tell them oh. Now I understand that it might be comfortable but its too much, at least one should wear a top long enough to cover the bum and this goes to my curvy sisters out there, know your body and dress accordingly. And most of all the camel toe, ladies we can do better. Lol the tip on makeup but I thought the highlight was all for the glow and that was okay now.

    Princess Audu

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  2. This post was actually very refreshing. I especially agree with you on point 2, you shouldn’t have just 1 black bag for all occasions! Its like carrying a duffel/bucket bag on a suit! Nah bruv!!

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