How To Make The Most Of Your Phone Camera 

I’ve been using my Tecno W3 for most of my blogging career and I can tell you in full confidence that the camera sucks, with a Five MP back camera and barely two megapixels front camera trust me when I say taking pictures was a hassle. I recently upgraded to an Infinix Hot Note 3 Pro so taking pictures got a lot easier and when I tell people the specification of my old phone camera and they see the pictures I took with it they are usually suprised so in today’s post I hope to share with you a few nifty tips and tricks to make the best of your phone camera and get better Pictures:

1) Understand Your Phone Camera

You should first realise that you won’t have that blurred effect of a camera and that all those artistic angles would be a lot harder (If not impossible) to achieve. You should also take note what kind of pictures your Phone produces- Overexposed, undersaturated etc that way you know what you are working on.

Another tip is to come in closer, that way you’ll get more details and have a more visual appealing picture.

2) Edit Rightly

Now after you know what exactly is your phone camera issues, get apps that can help. My goal was mostly to improve the quality of my pictures so I use Apps like Snapseed and more recently Adobe Lightroom instead of VSCO because my picture quality is pretty low using filters might end up making the picture look distorted. Mostly on Snapseed and Lightroom what I do is increase Brightness and Contrast and then reduce the saturation. Then when it comes to flatlays, I use the selective option to increase The brightness of the edges of the background-  details here.

3) Lighting

This cannot be overemphasized. Photography is basically about light- its in the name. Most phone cameras tend to have the issue of creating overexposed pictures,  so you should take pictures more of in the shade where you have access to the sun (which is the preferable because nothing beats natural light). Taking pictures when it’s raining or cloudy makes it hard for great Pictures even with a DSLR (Now you know why bloggers complain a lot during the rainy season). Even when taking selfies and on Snapchat I’m usually on my porch because the shade prevents the pictures from being overexposed and the sun makes for the best pictures.


I hope these few tips of mine will help someone out there who owns neither a camera or an iPhone and wants better looking pictures. Thanks for reading.

P. S I’ll be writing a more detailed post on how to edit using Lightroom. 

P. P. S I’ll advise every blogger to invest in a camera if you can afford it. 


2 Replies to “How To Make The Most Of Your Phone Camera ”

  1. Hey! 😊… Honestly, being a blogger without a proper camera is challenging, but we gotta do what we gotta do. I take all my photos with my phone as well and I’m so thankful for all the really great apps out there that help make them look more, you know, professional. But hoping to get a proper camera once I save up 😅.

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