Three Steps To Loving Yourself

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Over the years I’ve dealt with some particular mental issues and one of them that has reared its head many times- Self Hate. Several times it has spiraled into depression and a what I thought was a permanent deep seated insecrutiy and constantly second guessing myself. I’ve gotten better at handling it, and I’ve definetly come a long way from those days of mumbling to myself when spoken to.I’m not the most comfident person but I’ve definitely made strides In my walk of self love and in today’s post I hope to share some ways I have been able to love myself as I’m meant to-

1) Know That You Are Good Enough

The real problem is we think that there are things we just can’t do. But I’ll ask you to name the thing humans like me and you haven’t done already? Humans like me and  you have broken what we thought were Laws of Science and done amazing things in art and fashion etc. One way I got to start my journey to loving myself is constantly whispering to myself ‘Desmond, you are so much more powerful than you think’ and I’ve seen not just the manifestation of that mantra but I’ve seen myself believing it even more each day. And remember you are the Child of God,and just as God can do anything. You can as well.

2) Stay Away From Negativity

This is more key than you realise. I once read about how negative people give off an unlucky energy that affects them and people that surround them. And I’m certain you don’t want bad luck? Other than that, stay away from ‘friends’ who use snide and hurtful remarks as jokes especially when you notice how consistent they are with it. They may claim its a joke but the truth is that it’s slowing but definitely chipping your self confidence. Also stay away from Negative and pointless jabs and fights on Social Media especially on Twitter, trust me when I say Twitter can make your start going to negative palaces easily.

3) Surround Yourself With Positivity

It isn’t enough to just banish negativity but it’s very important to surround yourself with positive people, songs, literature etc. Just like in the Bible, Jesus said when you banish an evil spirit and it leaves after roving around for a while and it comes to the body and realizes his house has been well swept but empty it’ll call for seven more spirits and they’ll throw a house warming party. That’s why after purging yourself of every negative thing it is important to not be empty walking around but rather start something new. In my journey, I’ve had to lay off a lot of friends, stayed away from them on Social Media because they were breaking me, and instead I’ve been focusing more on my Career, Education and Family and Christianity. I can assure you I have seen so much growth in those areas which in turn built me to be a better person.

Loving yourself is extremely important because the Bible said ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ but if you don’t love yourself what love can you offer? 

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8 Replies to “Three Steps To Loving Yourself”

  1. I’m agreeing with mjjunior on this one,”everyone needs to read this”. Self loath and depression is not peculiar to a gender and so should be treated with attention and so much care. As someone still getting used to “the love yourself ish”…its little tough but we would get there.
    Our society deals with depression with a wave of hand but to many,it does exist. Be strong/be a man is what you get most time from those around you.I do know one thing that talking, writing as means to let it all out does great deal.


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