Avant Garde X Athleisure

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My love for fashion has never just been the clothes. Rather it’s the art itself. In as much as I love sharing my personal style and sharing my outfit of the day here on the blog, I can’t help but want to share with you not just what I like wearing but the more ‘impractical’ side of my personal style. The one you’ll less likely find me in daily.

Avant Garde : people or works that are unorthodox in regard to art, culture or fashion.

This isn’t exactly Avant Garde. At least not entirely, it just isn’t regular. The general concept of Avant Garde is creativity regardless of norm. You know all those runway outfits that have you like ‘Now, who is going to wear that? ‘ that’s most likely Avant Garde.

Now when the athleisure trend was hot, I wasn’t a blogger. I was merely an avid blog reader and I saw alot of amazing bloggers do amazing things with what was normally considered work out clothes and I couldn’t help but want to do so one day and here I am today : Living the dream.

I love the artsy feeling I got when I first put this outfit on and I still can’t help but feel proud of myself for seeing this through.
The reason I choose these particular sweat pants was because it was baggy and I needed something that would show that I didn’t make a mistake. Plus I’ve been wanting to style widelegged pants on the blog for a while. 

Photographer – IG@gatsbyshotit

Outfit Details 

Blazer – Dino Collections

Baggy Sweat Pants – Gifted 

Shoes – Gift from An Uncle.

Glasses – Medicated.


8 Replies to “Avant Garde X Athleisure”

  1. I like the fact that you not just in love with clothes but in the art that there is in fashion. The suit or jacket with pants it’s quite different from what I’m used to or I see and I like that this is unique In its own way. I have also styled the athliesure trend too sometime ago. You might want to catch up on other style posts too on the blog.


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