Creating My Dream Closet With Arhaus

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Hey guys, 

How’s your week going? Mine has been so amazing, that I can’t keep up and I’m particularly happy because the good part is just about to begin. Anyways, about a week ago I got an email from Arhaus asking me if I was interested in a collaboration with them and if I would love to share with my readers what my dream closet (read: Dressing Room)  was like. I’m particularly selective when it comes to working with brands because I don’t like starting a project then stopping halfway and I honestly  can’t deal with stress so if I won’t have fun creating that content then it’s a no. But for some reason,  I was particularly excited over collaborating with Arhaus.

I’ve kinda always wanted a closet space that was cool and would act as a sort of safe haven where I can go and silently move my fingers through the clothes while thinking of what bomb outfit to wear to work that day lol. So I’m going to be going through the entire creative process it will take for me to get my dream closet space, hopefully you can learn a thing or two  :

Deciding What Kind of Closet I Want:

It’s essential for you to choose what the overall vision of your closet is like. Minimal? Colourful?  That way when you are buying the pieces you already have a mental picture you are trying to get it to fit to. And you won’t end up buying pieces that don’t complimenting each other and have your closet looking like an explosion just went off there.

Choosing A Colour Palette 

To me there’s no colour but a basic white and black, because there’s something about it that makes a room appears like it goes on forever. When it comes to creating a wardrobe and closet space I fully intend to have a minimal and functional one.

Decorating and Picking Pieces 

This to me is the fun part. Because I feel like the aura and air the room will give depends entirely on those little pieces the room is decorated with. I’ld personally like a long chair in the middle where my squad can seat and argue which shade of sweater I should put on.

I’m not much for flowers because i’ld like my closet kept as minimal and fuss free as possible but a coffee table with a little flower wouldn’t hurt maybe white roses or daisies.

Then the lighting fixtures. I’m personally not a fan of those overly expensive and huge chandeliers, and in keeping in touch with the vision of minimal and functional, I’ll probably pick a chandelier like this :

I think I’ve gotten most of the basics covered. I feel like the next part is more or less personal like hanging up art and is up to you guys. What’s your dream closet/wardobe like? Do leave a comment. And thank you for reading.

Thanks to Arhaus for collaborating with me on this post. They have an amazing online store which you can check here and their furniture page here for most of the furnitures I considered in this post and check them out on Instagram @arhaus.


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