Beauty Favorites ||African Black Soap X Coconut Oil

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One of my favorite things to do is try out new skin care products and watch how they react with my face and facial skin, I often spend time in front of mirror just trying and guaging how effective and ineffective it was. That’s one of the things that my mum and I connect over the most. And like I mentioned in this post, I’ve been trying to start a new skin care routine that would be as natural and effective and inexpensive as possible and I think I’ve found one that works for me and while I’ll be sharing it in the near future I want to share two key ingredients and two beauty products I’m currently loving:

The African Black Soap | Dudu Osun

I’ve been using Dudu Osun off and on for years now, I’ve even used the handmade black soap. But what made me switch back was a tweet from Zendaya about her skin care routine and amongst it was ‘African Black Soap’ I decided to try it one more time and this time it actually gave me the effect that I was looking for. Previously, It made my skin clear and my complexion a bit richer but afterwards my skin felt dry. But now, after showering with it I moisturise with Coconut Oil and it works wonders. 

I love that it’s all natural and my skin doesn’t and won’t react to any harsh chemicals but what I love the most about it is that it’s always available which like I mentioned here is one of the things to look out for when it comes to starting a skin care routine. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t last quite as long because it easily melts when it contacts water but other than that I think it’s a must use.

 Coconut Oil

This is the wonder ingredient. My mum got a bottle of it from a lady in my church and ever since I tried it, I have been hooked. Not only do I get to whip up some amazing DIYs I also get to use it directly. My love for Coconut Oil came after I realized how effective it was. After my regular skin care routine, i merely dabbed it all over my body instead of my regular body cream and slept when i woke up. My skin felt so buttery and it was glowing subtly. 
One of my greatest body flaw used to be my chest which for some reason is lighter than it should be but within days my skin blended perfectly. I use twice daily, after my morning shower and after my night skin care routine thrice a week.

P. S It works absolute wonders for your hair.

So these are some of my current beauty favorites. Do tell me yours and if you have ever tried either the Dudu Osun or the coconut oil or both! 


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