Urban Weekend Casual

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This is probably the first weekend in a while I neither have a styling gig nor choir rehearsals and I can actually  chill in bed and take my time to unwind and enjoy my weekend and of course, put up a blog post.



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Sometime this week I got to collaborate with an awesome  photographer and good friend (IG@gatsbyshotit) and shoot some awesome content which I will be putting up during the course of the month so stick around.

 Today’s post has me so excited because  I’ll be styling some of my wardrobe favorites: my denim jacket from this post as well as my denim trousers from this one in a more casual appropriate way, hence the shoes and I added my new favorite thing Visors – I’ve had it for months now but I hated them but last week I wore it while going for a shoot I was working on and everyone went on and on about how it fitted me, and of course a basic white tee. 

 -I decided to not wear it as a full on jacket because I love the Yeezy X Fenty feel and it was steady serving cool Kid Urban fashion vibes.

I love this look because it’s so urban as well as practical for the Nigerian summer because it is breezy when it’s worn like I’m wearing in this post and can be cozy when worn as a full on jacket.

What are your thoughts on this look? Do leave a comment.

Outfit Details 

Denim Jacket – Thrifted 

Denim Pants – Thrifted 

Tee Shirt – Asos

Visors – Random Store 

Shoes – Thrifted.

Photo CreditIG@gatsbyshotit.



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