DIY|| Honey + Cinnamon Face Mask 

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Hey guys,

Happy New Week! I hope your week is off to an awesome start just like mine is. And also Happy Independence Day to all my American readers.

 Today’s post is a quick but fun  DIY that is made from two easily found ingredients: Honey and Cinnamon. Recently, my neighbor gifted me a bottle of Honey and I’ve been whipping several recipes revolving around Honey. I’m just amazed at the different options that comes with Honey for your skin and I’m sharing one of my favorites in today’s post :

You’ll Need 



Here’s What You’ll Need To Do:

1) Put a little honey in a plate.

2) Scoop out some cinnamon, make sure it’s a little bit less than your honey.

3) Mix till it blends as smoothly as possible.

4) Rub it on your face and leave it for ten minutes before washing it off.

It was fun using this DIY because I kept licking my fingers. Lol. However, you shouldn’t use this if you have any form of injury or broken skin because the cinammon could a bit harsh.

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10 Replies to “DIY|| Honey + Cinnamon Face Mask ”

  1. Oh wow! Never knew cinnamon was good for the face. The one I’m familiar with is honey and turmeric. Going to definitely try this.


  2. Lol.. I’m confused what does this actually do to the face. I know for a fact that honey has lots of benefits but what does this particular one mixed with cinnamon do. I also have A DIY post coming up tomorrow. Meanwhile there are other posts too on the blog


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