Wanderlust || Five Places To Visit Before I Turn Thirty 

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I’m one of those people whose dreams change depending on their mood but certain things remain constant for example I might wake up wanting to spend the rest of my life touring the world with my son/daughter wearing matching outfits documenting it here on my blog. Some days I want to live a simple life with art and literature, writing my own books and creating content and shopping and having coffee In New York and other days I want a big family that play pranks on each other during family vacations while being a big time fashion magazine editor always on the phone. Different fantasies, but the basic remains – I’ll create content for a living and travel alot so in today’s post I decided to share Five Places i’ld like to visit before I turn thirty and have to start thinking about even starting a family-

1) New York City, New York

Growing up I thought New York City was the hub and centre of creativity. All the books came from there, all the stories were about there. And Glee sort of helped magnify my obsession with New York City. I can’t count how many movies I’ve watched that I spotted the Statue Of Liberty so I can assure you it’s top of my list.

2) Paris, France

Some of you know I spent a while in a Francophone African Country, and while I was there I had an obsession with the French Language even though I’m not good with Languages and I’ve already forgotten the little French I knew but still I have to admit this – The Language of Love is just awesome. But other than the Language there is the milk, the bread, the fashion- New York is famous for Fashion too but to be honest,when I think High Fashion I think Paris, and of course the sophisticated people with low-key savagery running like hot sauce in their veins layered under expensive layers of couture.

3) Egypt, Africa 

Egypt was/is my First love. I became obsessed with the country  after I self-taught myself Mythology and History (Eventually that love went to Greco-Roman Mythology but nonetheless). Back then my mum was certain I’ll become a Historian, because all I did was read and research Egypt but I was discouraged because people said Archeology and History are worthless courses (Wrong!)  But I’m certain I’ll one day get to ride a Carmel on the Hot Desert sand and take a selfie with the Sphinx.

4) Lagos, Nigeria

I’ve been here severally and even spent a few days but I didn’t get to explore and visit some of the places that I’ve heard all about and I’m certain that the day I get into Lagos again I’ll immediately start exploring without even dropping my bag because the social media hype of Lagos is just mind blowing to be honest.

5) Mexico, South America 

The music. The funny hats. The people. The food. The history. The Language. The stories they’ll tell you. What’s not to Love? I feel like the Mexican culture has so much more to offer and so much stories to tell and I think it’s one place to get lost in. So long as you don’t trigger any booby trap.

I’m not much of a traveller, I’m not even outgoing and chances are that when I get the opportunity to visit these amazing places i’ll probably just sleep all day in my huge hotel room. Lol. 

 Also a little disclaimer – Most of these places are actually places I fell in love from reading books and watching television and some childhood fantasies so forgive me if I’m presenting stereotypes. 

See you guy’s soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.


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