Wardrobe Essentials For Every Young Man

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Hey guys! 

This post should have gone up earlier but I’ve had a few things on my plate and even though I still haven’t gotten them done, I have a few spare minutes to write this post. 

So Lately I’ve been pulling more thought out looks and that has me exploring different options of styling regular basics and i can’t help but realise that the key to looking like a million bucks is more of having a few particular pieces in your wardrobe that can switch it up any day and time and in today’s post I’ll be sharing five pieces that do that for me –

1) Tote Bag 

You’ll never see me without a tote bag nowadays, I like the suave casual vibes it gives whenever I walk out (read:strut) out with the bag. I mostly use my Tote from K&S Tote bag for casual days and the one from Lyts for slightly more dressed up looks.

2) Denim 

This goes without saying : You just have to have Denim in your wardrobe from denim shorts to pants to shirt to jacket. I’ve even managed to pull two denim looks here on the blog here and here. I especially love denim because not only is it super comfortable. It’s also easily styled without requiring as much extra extra like others might.

3) White Shirt 

I probably should have put this first because of its vast styling options. The truth is you can never go wrong with a white shirt (I mean except you really want to go wrong). A white shirt is that staple that be worn over or  layered under anything and will come out looking awesome.

4) Suspenders 

My love for suspenders is like my thing with waistcoats which I mentioned here. It’s one of those little things that takes a look from 0-100 and translates into a statement. Nowadays, whenever I’m in doubt I ditch my regular belt and strap on my suspenders and tie a bandana and strut out.

There are alot more essentials like waistcoats, bandana, Ankara pieces etc and every one could probably have different opinion of what’s essential but this here is my opinion of what’s essential. Do leave a comment about your own wardrobe essentials. And how’s your week been? 


6 Replies to “Wardrobe Essentials For Every Young Man”

  1. Nice stuff. I am still discovering the wonders of bandana and scarfs as accessories and its been chaking me…lol. I love white shirts ( I just have to,law student problems) and jeans. Did I leave out a black blazer and a pair of sneakers.This to me has to be a girl’s first set of essentials.Lol
    The week has been fine. I’ve being sick for two days straight. Still recovering though.


    1. Thanks dear. I’m glad you getting to enjoy the wonders of bandannas and scarves. I still don’t have a pair of white sneakers. Sorry about being ill, I’m just recovering myself and thanks for stopping by!


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