Outfit || Cool Kid Vibes

Hey guys,

It’s really amazing how time flies and here we are already in a new week! I hope yours is awesome like mine is about to be. 

Anyways, today’s outfit is a fun one because i’m styling every one’s favorite (At least almost every one’s)  fabric -Denim. And it’s a double dose. Am I the only one who notices how wearing double denim instantly sends out this ‘I’m a cool kid’s Vibe? Even when the wearer is a certified nerd like me.

Alot of people have tried to put rules of double denim but I’ll be honest -The Rules don’t matter so long as you look good. Normally fashion people don’t wear the same shade of denim, or don’t wear it with anything Jean accessories or piece.

 But I think it’s all about how you wear and how it looks like on you. Fashion IS fun, right? I most definitely think so. 

So I decided to wear my ripped jeans which I absolutely love, and a denim shirt. They aren’t the same shade of denim which I guess Is good as I helps with proportions but I have seen lit outfit of the same shade of denim (Just Putting it out there)  and my brown belt which have this ‘cow-boyey ‘ thing going and my regular watch and of course reflector shades.

Outfit Details 

Denim Shirt – Thrifted 

Denim Trousers – Thrifted

Shoes – Thrifted 

Belt – Gift

Glasses – Store Around My School 

Watch – Hublot

Photo Credit – IG@chidinma_n

Tell me about funny fashion rules you don’t listen to in the comments below and leave your thoughts on this outfit! 

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter


19 Replies to “Outfit || Cool Kid Vibes”

  1. Denim on denim Issa look please 🙌🙌🙌🙌. I’m not all for rules yet I believe the shade of denim shouldn’t be too close or too different. I’ve seen same shades of denim that were 💯 and others that looked blehhh! So yeah it’s all in the styling. Nice one Sir, I’ll love see you wear this with sneakers, boat shoes or even Chelsea boots 😉


  2. I love this cool kids vibe you slaying us with. TBH, I thought I could follow fashion rules when it comes to colour blocking I just realized that I had already put one and two together in wearing different colours in one outfit and I looked beautiful in it, I didn’t have to follow fashion rules, I just did me. So I believe you when you say that you really do not have to follow fashion rules. You can see for yourself here http://adagirl.com.ng/fashion/colour-blocked-colour-pop-choice-say/


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