Q&A – The Fifteen Questions I Got Asked

Hey guys, 

How has week being? Mine has been just amazing. Filled with quite alot of blessings, and I just can’t wait to share them here on the blog as time goes on. Anyways, today is the day I get to stay indoors, sip my tea and answer all the questions that all of you sent in for the QandA like I mentioned in this post.

Before I get in to the post, let me put it out there that I’ll be answering more of questions that got repeated  and that I have been asked  over time as well, so if your questions aren’t answered then I apologise. Maybe next time. But I’ll try to balance it out.
So let’s get into it-

Questions #1
– Do you have a Traditional Nigerian Name? 

I kinda figured that one day I’ll have to answer this question because both my First name and surname are Non-Nigerian. But yes, I do have a traditional name. I actually have three. Which are at this point in my life null and void.

Question #2– Do You Make Money Off Your Blog? 

Probably my second  most asked question. Before I say anything let me put it out there- I don’t blog for money. And I don’t think money is the reason most bloggers started. Money is just a pleasant repercussion, lol. Be that as it may, yes I have made money off my blog and because of my blog. Albeit not as much as you are probably thinking.

Question #3- Am I Gay? 

Definitely the most asked question. Ever since I started this blog i have gotten asked this question so many times whenever I see the question nowadays I just smile. From fellow bloggers to blog readers to Instagram Followers. I wonder do I give off that vibe? Sometimes when people meet me in reality or even on the phone they are like – Huh, I expected you to be more feminine. Anyways, I think I’ve replied this question so much I’m tired so I’ll just say this – I’m Metrosexual. 

Question #4- What’s My Blog Theme? 

It’s the Untitled.

Question #5- What Is The One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You? 

I actually can’t pronounce the word ‘Loyal’. It silly but I can’t. I always end up saying ‘Yolal’. 

Question #6- What App Are You Always On? 

Instagram. That App is so addictive.

Question #7- What Is Your Dream Job? 

Being A Fashion Editor for a big Fashion Magazine. Definitely going to happen.

Question #8 – If you could be a main cast in any movie or book which would it be? 

Easy peasy. Glee or Harry Potter!!

Question #9-On a scale of 1-10. How Savage Are You? 

It depends on whether or not I have eaten or slept yet tbvh.

Question #10- Favorite Bible Verse?

By Grace Through Faith.

Question #11- Guilty Pleasure? 

Food. I eat alot but not much. The best combination for me is food and data.

Question #12 – Do You Have  A Scar?

Yup. I do.  On my stomach, I got stabbed with a knife once  when I was seven (Long story. Don’t even bother asking)  And now I have a little scar on my tummy that’s almost invisible.

Question #13- What’s Your Greatest Insecurity

My body. Till date, I don’t swim because I hate having people look at my body. I’m getting over this because nobody can make you insecure without your permission.

Question #14- Do You Have  A Girlfriend? 

Nope. And I won’t be having one anytime soon. Thank you very much.

Question #15- How Do I Start A Blog? 

For those people who think I’m a great resource when it comes to blogging. I apologise if I didn’t answer you as deeply or as well as you’ll want but here’s the truth-starting a blog is more or less a mental process than just creating a blogspot or WordPress account. There’s a lot of thinking as to Niche and content and alot so much more that I am still learning.

So there’s it. If your question didn’t get answered I apologise. I maybe doing one next month so stick around.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment and follow me on IG@quirksandoutfits and Twitter@quirksandoutfit.


6 thoughts on “Q&A – The Fifteen Questions I Got Asked

  1. oh mine about the stab incident. I hope it wasn’t traumatic? You know I already imagined all these questions would be asked because I trust my Nigerian people especially the gay question. Well done bro you did well with answering all of the questions.


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