Q&A – The Fifteen Questions I Got Asked

Hey guys, 

How has week being? Mine has been just amazing. Filled with quite alot of blessings, and I just can’t wait to share them here on the blog as time goes on. Anyways, today is the day I get to stay indoors, sip my tea and answer all the questions that all of you sent in for the QandA like I mentioned in this post.

Before I get in to the post, let me put it out there that I’ll be answering more of questions that got repeated  and that I have been asked  over time as well, so if your questions aren’t answered then I apologise. Maybe next time. But I’ll try to balance it out.
So let’s get into it-

Questions #1
– Do you have a Traditional Nigerian Name? 

I kinda figured that one day I’ll have to answer this question because both my First name and surname are Non-Nigerian. But yes, I do have a traditional name. I actually have three. Which are at this point in my life null and void.

Question #2– Do You Make Money Off Your Blog? 

Probably my second  most asked question. Before I say anything let me put it out there- I don’t blog for money. And I don’t think money is the reason most bloggers started. Money is just a pleasant repercussion, lol. Be that as it may, yes I have made money off my blog and because of my blog. Albeit not as much as you are probably thinking.

Question #3- Am I Gay? 

Definitely the most asked question. Ever since I started this blog i have gotten asked this question so many times whenever I see the question nowadays I just smile. From fellow bloggers to blog readers to Instagram Followers. I wonder do I give off that vibe? Sometimes when people meet me in reality or even on the phone they are like – Huh, I expected you to be more feminine. Anyways, I think I’ve replied this question so much I’m tired so I’ll just say this – I’m Metrosexual. 

Question #4- What’s My Blog Theme? 

It’s the Untitled.

Question #5- What Is The One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You? 

I actually can’t pronounce the word ‘Loyal’. It silly but I can’t. I always end up saying ‘Yolal’. 

Question #6- What App Are You Always On? 

Instagram. That App is so addictive.

Question #7- What Is Your Dream Job? 

Being A Fashion Editor for a big Fashion Magazine. Definitely going to happen.

Question #8 – If you could be a main cast in any movie or book which would it be? 

Easy peasy. Glee or Harry Potter!!

Question #9-On a scale of 1-10. How Savage Are You? 

It depends on whether or not I have eaten or slept yet tbvh.

Question #10- Favorite Bible Verse?

By Grace Through Faith.

Question #11- Guilty Pleasure? 

Food. I eat alot but not much. The best combination for me is food and data.

Question #12 – Do You Have  A Scar?

Yup. I do.  On my stomach, I got stabbed with a knife once  when I was seven (Long story. Don’t even bother asking)  And now I have a little scar on my tummy that’s almost invisible.

Question #13- What’s Your Greatest Insecurity

My body. Till date, I don’t swim because I hate having people look at my body. I’m getting over this because nobody can make you insecure without your permission.

Question #14- Do You Have  A Girlfriend? 

Nope. And I won’t be having one anytime soon. Thank you very much.

Question #15- How Do I Start A Blog? 

For those people who think I’m a great resource when it comes to blogging. I apologise if I didn’t answer you as deeply or as well as you’ll want but here’s the truth-starting a blog is more or less a mental process than just creating a blogspot or WordPress account. There’s a lot of thinking as to Niche and content and alot so much more that I am still learning.

So there’s it. If your question didn’t get answered I apologise. I maybe doing one next month so stick around.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment and follow me on IG@quirksandoutfits and Twitter@quirksandoutfit.


12 Replies to “Q&A – The Fifteen Questions I Got Asked”

  1. oh mine about the stab incident. I hope it wasn’t traumatic? You know I already imagined all these questions would be asked because I trust my Nigerian people especially the gay question. Well done bro you did well with answering all of the questions.


  2. Hello there!
    New follower here, you seem interesting.
    Also, I totally understand the “being insecure about your body” I’m in the same boat and it’s not easy to admit. Okay, take care of yourself.


    1. Hey!!!!?? Thanks alot for following and thanks for the compliment. It’s not easy but I’ve realised that admiting is the first step to overcome it. Don’t worry we’ll get through it all. Thanks for stopping dear and take care of yourself as well!


  3. Nice read.We would get there@the loving body thingy.
    Still getting over that “loyal”,”yolal” part… lol,it brought back fond memories.


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