Four Tips For Growing A Better Beard

Yesterday, I invited someone to church with me (Yes, I’m one of those annoying evangelist friends that won’t let you be till you come to their church) and while we were in the taxi going to church he asked me why at seventeen I already had a full-on beard and shaved every other day whilst he was eighteen and his chin was still as smooth as a baby’s bum. I might have paraphrased a bit though. Any ways, the gist was still the same he wanted what I had- a cool Beard. So  I decided to share today on the blog with the brothers in the house four tips for growing a better Beard-

1) Don’t Shave Your Beard The First Few Weeks

I feel like I’m always shouting this whenever people come to me for beard advice. Somehow we have been sold a lie that shaving your beard the moment a few hairs sprout out is the key to fast Beard growth. Trust me when I say it is a huge lie! The key to growing a healthy beard is to let it really grow and come into its own strength.

2) Excersise 

Another thing that boosted my Beard has to be excersise. Simply put Excersise boosts the testosterone in your body which in turn boosts your Beard growth. So if you are really ready for a Beard hit the gym.

3) Diet and Supplements

I haven’t tried supplements but I have noticed that particular foods causes increased hair growth. Especially foods with protein like Chicken, eggs, fish (The Good Stuff. Lol). I’ve also heard that supplements help boost beard growth but I honestly haven’t tried it.

4) Choose Your Beard Style 

According to your face and hair strength. I could easily sport a moustache but I know I will look older and i’ll have to pay even more regular visits to the Barber shop so that’s a no. When it comes to choosing a Beard style It is more important to focus on where you have faster growing hair and according to your face.

Plus –  Good Grooming Matters

Most guys still live in the primitive world where men grunt and use crudely constructed clubs and have refused to embrace the awesome world of facial masks and quality Grooming. Lol. Exfoliation, for example, helps with removing dead cells which facilitates Beard growth and increases it quality. Moisturising with an infusion of eucalyptus oil is also another way for better Beard.

The most important thing when it comes to grooming is what works for you and what looks good on you.

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7 Replies to “Four Tips For Growing A Better Beard”

    1. Lol. I agree Genes is really everything when it comes to facial hair (any kind of hair really) these tips are to help the brothers having any form of difficulty with growing hair. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment dear!


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