My Favourite Shoes

Hey guys,

So sorry for being MIA last week both here on the blog and on social media but it was unavoidable and productive in an odd way. You’ll be surprised  at how much more you’ll notice when everything is silent and you get to focus on your own innate magic (Story for another day).

Anyways during the course of the week, I got to finally clean my room out(Yes, i was that jobless) and make plans for that dream minimalist practical and functional wardrobe and I found myself questioning what to keep and what to trash. I realized despite the fact that I have quite an amount of shoes I have only a particular few that I wear repeatedly and in this post I’ll be sharing the top three –

Black Loafers

It won’t be possible to start this list without starting with this particular pair.You can probably tell from how I keep wearing it in my outfit posts (like this one, this one and this one) that It is a personal fave, to be honest I wonder what I wore before I thrifted it around my school for a thousand and eight hundred naira. I actually loved it simply because I love black (Who doesn’t though) and it goes with basically everything. So you can bet that you’ll be seeing it In several more outfit posts. 

Blue Kicks

My love for this shoe is actually just that it was gifted to me by someone that I wasn’t too close and i didn’t ask for them. I was honestly touched that someone could go out of their way and get you something without asking for it. I guess we still have good people after all! However, I genuinely thought they were ugly and too colourful and too cumbersome. And I left them unworn for weeks.

That being said, I have worn the living daylights out of these shoes ever since I realized how comfortable they were. They feel like foam wrapped around my feet and even though they are just a size too big, but that makes them even more perfect to me. Let’s just forget that its blue.

Faaji Sandals

As an African Man, sandals aren’t a stranger to my feet. Not only are they super stylish and comfortable, these particular ones were free to me.(Perks of being a blogger) I blogged about these sandals here, and I’m here to tell you that they lived to my expectations because its being a few months in and after I have worn this sandals both on rainy days (Silly ol’ me, I know) and Sunny days I can tell you that it’s really great quality.

You can order yours from either the Faaji site or IG.

So these are my favourite shoes (and sandal) thanks for reading! Do leave a comment and tell me of your favorite shoe. Have an awesome week.

P.S I’ll be hosting a Q and A here on this blog this Friday if you have any question you want me to answer. Leave it in a comment here on the blog or my InstagramTwitter, or even DM me.

P.P.S I shared some summer wardrobe essentials on TLM Urban do read it here.


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