How To Start A Skin Care Routine 

For the past few days I’ve been thinking of starting a new skincare routine, not necessarily because the one I’m currently on has anything wrong with it or anything but simply because I genuinely enjoy testing new skin care products and seeing how they affect my skin. 

In my opinion, great skin is a product of a trust worthy and effective skin care routine rather than makeup and even genetics (Take that Instagram cool kids covering everything up with concealer and those of you with Naturally clear skin. Just kidding ) so in today’s post I’ll be sharing tips on how to start a new skin care routine-

1) Understand Your Skin and What You Are Trying To Do-

Truth is everybody’s skin reacts differently and work differently. Like mine, I’ve noticed that my skin easily takes on a lighter shade when I use harsher skin scrubs or I use it daily and I don’t want to get lighter than I am, so rather than use skin scrubs daily I use it on a weekly basis. Otherwise I will turn into one of those people that claim that their natural skin colour is light, they just need products to bring it out. Coughs. My skin goal is to have a skin like Praiz or maybe Idris Elba lol. I’m not trying to change my skin tone but to make it clear and to glow and look chocolate just like Maryam Salaam’s.

2) Break Into Parts 

What products will you use on a daily basis? A weekly basis? A bi-weekly basis? That’s what you should do. Be very realistic about your schedule, I use certain products three nights a week and certain products weekly. But whenever I feel like bringing out the big guns I do so, maybe monthly.

3) Choose Readily Available Products 

There’s no point starting a routine and then a few weeks later, your moisturizer is finished and you can’t find that particular product In the whole state. Maybe your uncle brought it with him from the United States and then he has gone back and will return for Christmas in the next four years for your cousin ‘s wedding with an oversized coat that makes you wonder if he borrowed from his boss or picked it from a dumpster  (Sorry, personal experience). It’s better to start a routine with products you can get easily that way you can be sure to be consistent with it. Or you could use DIYs. The reason being that your skin could get used to this particular product and you switching it up might have a negative effect on your skin like break outs and dryness etc. 
So these are my top three tips for starting a skincare routine and I hope it has been helpful. So please leave a comment and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


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