Six Months Of Blogging 

I’m kinda of in awe of how I can now say I’ve been blogging for six months! So many times, I wanted to quit. So many times I felt like I wasn’t doing it right but at the end of the day I have to say I really am proud of how far I’ve come in such a short while.

My blog turned six months old , a few days back and I wasn’t able to fully enjoy because I felt like I haven’t done quite enough like I thought or hoped that I would have. And I must admit I was comparing myself with other bloggers and trying to measure my success with other people milestones but after taking a few minutes to think I have to admit I have acrually done well for myself and I have reasons to be proud.

In the past six months, I’ve had reasons to push myself to try new things and to make do with the little I have and I’ve learnt how to see art and beauty in things and to try to make other people see them too. I’m super grateful for all of you who take out time to read my blog and even more grateful to those of you who even come on social media and comment or Direct Message me how much you love my blog. Few things warm my heart like when I read your comments and messages.

I honestly thought I would never get approached by brands till maybe after a year of blogging but I’ve gotten several requests and even though I’ve had to turn down more than I take on (Mostly because of distance ) and I’ve gotten opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and real life experience that I know would look good on my C.V any day anytime, but honestly just getting those requests amaze me because you guys see something in me that for the longest time I didn’t see in myself.

I’ve been featured and interviewed on several blogs and sites and even written for a few, and every single time I see something I’ve written or a feature I am in awe. 

I can tell that I’ve grown both from the level of engagement that my Analytics is showing me, the picture quality of my blog (The early days were really crappy) and my story telling and from the words of my readers.  I know we are going places so I urge you to stick around because I have even more awesome content ideas and I can’t wait to share.

See you guys soon, until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.


20 Replies to “Six Months Of Blogging ”

  1. Congratulations dear you have been doing a great job. The first day I came across your on Instagram I feel in love with your personality and how bold you are. I remain one of your numerous fans. The sky is your starting point.


  2. I first stumbled across your blog through your post on makeup don’ts for females/what you disliked about the makeup of some people and I have to say I do not regret finding your blog one bit! I have read so many posts so far and they’re all so good to digest. I wish you all the best on this journey, more brands will find you by force, and they will want to work with you so bad that they will take steps to eliminate the distance problem, amen!


  3. Hey Vincent, congrats on 6 months, its hard to believe that you’ve been doing this for such a short time. Now blogging is no easy feat but you are honestly doing a great job. Now I follow a lot of blogs because I have too as a blogger but I genuinely love reading your posts, keep it up!
    Princess Audu


  4. I’d like to know you’re personal achievements for your blog so far. Anything you’ve learned or tips you’d like to share with any new bloggers?


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