Favorite House of Tara Pink Lippies

Lately, I’ve been having this passion for makeup and i’ve been trying to ignore it but if you follow me on Instagram you will have realize that in the past few days I have really started to not care about what people say or think about me and just share my pictures and thoughts regardless of whether or not people think it is female or not. 

Did I say lately? Well, that’s a lie I’ve been in love with makeup since ever! But the one thing I haven’t even tried or thought of trying was Lip Stick. For personal reasons. But I couldn’t resist when it came to these ones from House of Tara and here is why-

The feel! It has an awesome feel and it is so light like you won’t feel like you have any thing on your lip.

I also absolutely adore the colours. Pink is so yay! And because my natural lip color is a funny orange tint people constantly (and mistakenly) tell me I have pink lips, so I enjoyed looking at my face with these Pink lippies on. I prefer the darker pink and not just because of the colour but it felt smoother and the colour was more ‘natural’.

It also doesn’t stain easily, you can drink from a cup and not bother about leaving your ‘signature’ on it! I guess that’s the whole matte thing but it is so lit!  So far the thing I hate about it is that it so hard to get off. Not hard like hard, but it doesn’t just wipe with a one simple wipe compared to some low-quality lippies I can name. (In the original draft I wrote a particular brand’s lipstick I hate but because I’m a good boy I deleted it. Lol) 

However, they are a bit pricey but in all, I think it’s really worth the splurge.

Do leave a comment and have an awesome weekend.


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