How I Edit My Pictures Using Snapseed

As a blogger one of the things that mean the world to me has to be the quality of my content and when it comes to content. The quality of your pictures matter alot, and this was (and still is in part) a huge problem for me because I neither own a camera or a phone with a bomb ass camera yet. But in the few months of tending to this blog I have made mistakes and learnt from the mistakes and I can tell you that I have gotten better. Let me tell you why-

Two Words – Snap – Seed.

I got introduced to this app through a fellow blogger (‘Sup Ijenna)  and ever since then my pictures have gotten better and in today’s post i’ll be sharing the process with you.

1) Using the tips in this post, I take a flatlay with my focus being the composition rather than the quality.

2) Import to Snapseed. 

3) Use the Selective Option to increase the brightness around the edges to the level that I want. I may use this through the different edges several times till it pops exactly the way I want.

4) Occasionally, some stray things show in my pictures that I don’t want and I simply use the Healing option and wipe there and it immediately replaces the ‘wrong’ spot with the surrounding environment (In the case of flatlays it is usually white)

5) I occasionally play with the sharpen and contrast options depending on the quality and lighting of the picture, and that’s it.

The process is very straightforward and takes me about five minutes depending on whether I want to play around with the options a bit. I think the most important thing when it comes to pictures is really your mind and how creative you want to be with it. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a week as awesome as mine ahead. 


10 Replies to “How I Edit My Pictures Using Snapseed”

  1. Thanks for revealing your secrets. Keep them coming. Some bloggers are busy hoarding all the good stuff😂. But the truth is we’re all here to help each other 👌.


  2. This is really helpful. I don’t have the patience to work my way around apps but this seems pretty straightforward. I’ll go ahead and download it now.


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