My Mum’s Top Four Weekend Makeup Essentials

Hey guys,

TGIF! I actually can’t believe I once thought Fridays were overrated and now look at me- over the moon with excitement at the thought of Friday and sleeping in! Honestly, this week has been a whirlwind one filled with some ups and downs so the idea of chilling for a bit is super attractive not to mention the fact that I’m waiting for a particular good news. 

Anyways, to today’s post. I’m personally in awe of how great the relationship between my mum and I is, not only are we really close but we also have a pretty great understanding of each other because let’s be frank how many mothers (Especially Nigerian mothers) will be comfortable watching their son take pictures of makeup with a magazine against a cardboard paper? Especially the ones that quiz them about their Top Four Make Up Products for the weekend (Even though her weekend usually involves cooking, church, and brunch with her sisters) which I did and in today’s post I’ll be sharing her (My mum’s) top four weekend makeup essentials.

1) Emmy Classic Powder Plus Foundation

I’m pretty sure this is a basic for just about anyone who uses makeup right? Its a two in one with one side being normal brown powder- which i use and the other being foundation- which I have never used for the record. When I asked my mum she said this is probably the only brown powder that she didn’t end up flinging across the room because of how natural it looks and how it glows just right against her skin . And I agree because I’ve used it and trust me, it GLOWS.

2) House of Tara Mascara

My mum and I actually went shopping for this product together at the House of Tara headquarters here in Port Harcourt but my mum didn’t use it for the first few months after she got it for some reason but the very first day she used it, she fell deeply in love and has remained faithful ever since. There’s something about flicking that mascara brush along your eyelash that makes every woman feel their inner babe come out- I might have paraphrased this lol.

3) House Of Tara LipStains

When I asked her what was her favourite lip stick colour she said ‘All and None’ as far as my mum is concerned a good lip colour depends on her mood and what she is wearing and though red seems to be her go to colour, she says she doesn’t have a favorite. Although she still prefers matte to glossy any day.

4) House Of Tara Eye Shadow and High Intensify Pigment

I think my mum is really like me because she hates picking favorites. Except for when it comes to brands as she sticks to her House Of Tara Makeup. All day. Everyday. Especially when it comes to the eyeshadow, according to her. Your eyes are probably one of the most easily recognizable features and need to pop all day.

So there’s my mum’s top four makeup essentials for the weekend and i’ld love to read yours! So please leave a comment down below! Thank you for reading!


13 Replies to “My Mum’s Top Four Weekend Makeup Essentials”

  1. Love the composition of the flatlays and the Classic Powder is legendary that’s what we all use in my house plus red lipstick is our go-to. I’m speaking for the women in my house not just my mom 😄😄


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