New In  || The Lyt Tote Bag 

I’m currently home trying to prevent my mother and younger sister from taking one of my tote bags. That’s right. Bags! Earlier this year, I got my ‘first’ tote bag from K & S Tote Bags which I blogged about here, and I was super excited it because I had been border line obsessed with them since forever. I’m equally excited over the one in this post because 

1) The brand owner (IG @_preciousstyles)  is one of those Instagram cool kids that you just want to be like when you grow up. Lol.

2) I like the fact that it’s black and minimalist, because i recently realized that I’m more inclined towards solid, bold and simple colours.

3) I saw a girl who styled this particular tote bag on IG and I was awestruck so I’m super glad to be getting my very own.

4) It’s free. I’m sorry but who doesn’t like free things? Especially when you know it’s something that you most probably would have bought otherwise (I was actually planning on getting one before I was contacted for this collaboration)

I’m super excited over getting this package despite the fact that the transport people really did their best to derail my joy and excitement over the bag by their horrible service, but looking at my tote as I’m lounging on my bed while trying to hold back my sister’s grabby hands makes it worth it. Lol.

Anyways, in related news Lyts Magazine is coming very soon and as an Insider (Yes, I can finally use that word) I can tell you it will be lit!!  Pun intended. So follow them on IG @lytsmag and stay informed.

What do you think of totes?  How would you style yours? Leave a comment


9 Replies to “New In  || The Lyt Tote Bag ”

  1. I’ve been seeing this tote on the gram and I’ve totally been in love since I first saw it. I don’t know if it’s because of the gold details or something else but it’s really nice.


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