Five Reasons Why You Should Use Ponds Oil Control Powder

So alot of people have asked me both here on the blog and on my Social Media accounts (IG @quirksandoutfits | Twitter @quirksandoutfit)  if the compact brown powder featured here and here belongs to me.  Well, yes and no. No, because it belongs to my mum and yes, because whatever belongs to her belongs to me, right? Lol. Anyways, alot of products I now use either belonged to her or I first saw her using it (Currently, I’m the one giving her most of the product inspo nowadays). Like the product in today’s post, i first saw my mum using it at least eight years ago and she still uses it and now I’m using it, so I’m going to be sharing with you exactly why I think you should too.

1) Affordability 

It costs Four Hundred And Sixty Naira which I think is quite a great price for its value. I’ve also bought it for Five Hundred, Six Hundred and Three Hundred Naira so I can say that that’s the price range.

2) Scent 

My own powder is in Orange. And for some reason, I love the scent. Odd because I typically don’t like orange scented things – I don’t even like Orange Juice except Fanta though I don’t think that counts. The point is that, the scent is so bomb.

3) Effect 

This is the chief reason why I absolutely love this product,  it leaves my face smooth and gives it a feel and look like I spent hours achieving that glow while I spent all of two minutes. And it’s easier to pass this off as your powder when you are a guy than my usual Classic Brown Powder (because apparently that’s more feminine, can you believe that?) Also as the name implies, it helps those who are particularly oily control the oil secretion of their facial skin.

4) Availability 

One thing about me is that I hate using products That I can’t get my hands on after I use it and fall in love. It’s like that meme about talking with someone, breaking down their walls, having great conversations and then suddenly vanishing, that’s usually how I feel when I used great product and suddenly can’t find it again. So, Ponds win several points because my mum and I have been using this for years and I can testify to the fact that you can find it anywhere.

5) Sun Protection 

Yup. It also protects you from the sun, according to what is written It possess Sun Protection TPI-60, which I think is more than great because in this tropical sun you can’t let your guard down and this let’s you do that while  maintaining your glow and all at a very affordable price.

So with this post I hope I have been able to convince you to get the Ponds Oil Control Powder . 
Thanks for stopping by.


20 Replies to “Five Reasons Why You Should Use Ponds Oil Control Powder”

  1. I love me some OJ! I also hate orange scented things. They make me nauseous. I’ll be on the look out for this product. Need it for my nose.


  2. I used to use this powder way back in secondary school and it was nice, I’m not sure it worked because my skin still remained oily afterwards or perhaps because I didn’t use it often. I prefer the pink one tho because it’s portable and yeah PINK and my Classic Powder stays winning (it’s not for men stick to your ponds 😝😝).


  3. Last time I used ponds was probably secondary school. Will need to go hunt for it. Maybe it’ll help with my forever oily face. Thank you.


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