Life Lately #5

I can’t believe we are in the Fifth month already, like where is 2017 running to? Anyways, I think it should keep up the speed as I have so much to do in the later part of the year and this means I won’t be waiting long to do and see them. As is customary around here every new month I get to share with you guys what I’ve been up-to lately. 

There has been a bit of talk about  Posts like this in the blogosphere lately, and I have considered scrapping this post series but I really enjoy writing and reading it (and if my stats are anything to go by, so do you guys) and this is one of the most personal bits here on the blog and it really helps me think back on what I did that month so here we go with all I’ve been up to lately!

Feeling – Confident that by the grace of God, I’ll be able to do everything I have planned to do this year and month.

Wearing – If you follow me on Instagram, I’m pretty sure you’ll have noticed that I’ve been wearing my ripped jeans alot lately, it’s my favorite clothing piece right now.

Irritated By – The Nigerian mentality (As usual)  I was in the taxi a few days back, and on the radio there was a discussion about a lady that sent money to her Dad in the village to build a house, which he did and when she came back to claim it her dad chased her away saying its his house. While this was pretty bad, what got my attention was that the taxi driver yelled and said ‘Of course, does she want to become a prostitute in the house? How many houses have she built for her dad first?’ then he said some choice words I don’t want to repeat. I was like ‘Wow’.

– This Hublot watch, it is so awesome and whenever I wear it I feel like making hand gestures just so you can notice it. Lol.

Inspired By The Simpsons.  Yes,you read right The Simpsons. Not only have they created a niche for themselves, they manage to create content consistently and each episode has so many storyline seamlessly brought together and with everyone still being in character. Although I wonder how long will Maggie still be sucking that pacifier.

Admiring– Mr Daniel Ocean’s style, he is also a blogger and he has an awesome blog and his outfits are always well put together.

Craving – Peanut Butter, I just finished a jar of peanut butter and I honestly just want more. I’m also craving rain, like really stormy rain this night because it’s so hot. I want It to fall now, and not on a day I will go and take outfit pictures (Side-eyeing the rain) 

Surprised – At how much you guys loved this post and this one too (The stats were astronomical)

In Awe Of
– The Met Gala outfits, I don’t want to put a post on my favorite looks but they were Rihanna (Obviously), Zendaya and Selena with The Weekend.

Watching – Videos of The Funniest American Idols Auditions,  trust me when I say if you haven’t watched any then you definitely should, there are alot of compilations of them on YouTube and they are so fun.

– Food. What else do you think I eat? Lol, but honestly I eat alot these days and I am starting to get very fat lol.

Proud Of – Every Young person making his or her money and making waves both In the digital world or otherwise, you guys are so inspiring and I really want to be a part of you. Which reminds me, I’m currently into a little Social Media Managing so if you need someone to manage your brand’s social media contact me.

Wishing – For a laptop and a camera like blogging the way I do right now is hard. I also wish for everything to end up working well, I have a few things I need sorted out but I have total faith In God that in a few days It will all be sorted out.

Reading – I failed at my Reading Challenge, I’ve had so much going on that I couldn’t keep up with new books, I think another reason I failed was because I was just lazy TBH. I couldn’t muster up the energy to open a book but I read Four books this month though. I’ll try harder this time around.

Listening – To Flawless by Beyonce and Chimamanda, I think all these Fake Feminists on my Twitter Timeline need to go and listen to it.

Excited – For several things coming my way, watch this space to check them out. And for Second Wives Club on E! 

Knowing – That I’m powerful and smart enough to do everything that I wish and want and that in a short while I’ll be living The So Cosmo life (which is my dream career and life to be honest)

Hoping – That this month is the best of 2017 so far.

That’s all on what’s been happening in my life Lately, how about you? What has inspired you lately? What have you done lately? 

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.


11 Replies to “Life Lately #5”

  1. Lol at fake feminists on Twitter. I love Zendaya’s look at the #MetGala. Yes to the Simpsons and I thought I was the only one wondering about the pacifier. I love this post. Its so easy nd fresh😍😘🙌🙌🙌


    1. Yes, people claiming to be feminists when they don’t know the first thing about Feminism. Her look was everything and more, Yay! Someone else thinks like me!!! Thank you so much dear


  2. Geez! That taxi driver though.. I mean I can understand his perspective but that is no way to put it. Frankly, I believe that it is wrong for the father to claim the house as his. The house was built by the girl, for herself. She didn’t say it was his. That’s just wrong, and the fact they are family makes things extra complex because of course, the opinions of the public will not favour her at all.

    Love this post! What has the blogosphere been saying about these types of posts? Frankly, right now, I don’t think I’d do a “currently I am” or “Life lately” post because I just.. i feel they’re a bit of work. For some reason though, I love the ones written by other people lol! Let me not knock it until I try it sha.. You people that have been wearing ripped jeans .. well done o. My treasured black jeans with slits at the knees have been rebuked by my mother *Crying*. I wanted to wear them the other day, and she was like “how can you wear tear tear clothes in public!” Wahala dey.. but I shall not be discouraged..

    Looking forward to your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As for. Me I don’t even want to understand his perspective at all. I feel he is wrong anyway he puts it. Lol. The girl would probably be confused over what to do as the man in question is her dad and she can’t take any action without her heart blaming her (Probably) well the blogosphere has been feeling it’s too rampant but I really like writing posts like this. It’s a bit of work but it forces me to think more about my past month.i also like reading other peeps take too. Lol, I can imagine what she will say, my mum is a fan of it but not the ones I DIYed. Thanks for stopping by as usual, I really appreciate you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fair enough, either way that’s a very tough spot for anybody to be in! Especially being Nigerian on top of everything. Rampant? Haha interesting.. it’s not too bad.. it just takes a lot of energy to do, hence why I am happy to cross legs and read the ones done by other people lol. I’m always going to stop by o! The content keeps me coming back!

        Liked by 1 person

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