Three Tips To Thrift Better X Favorite Thrift Finds 

Hey guys, 

How’s you week going? Mine has been super fun and it’s just about to get even better! Lately I’ve been doing alot of personal shopping (Thrifting mostly)  and while it has been fun I have to admit that it’s not as easy as I thought it was especially when you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a piece, go back home, hate it and dump it. No, in my house you will wear it and you will like it. (lol, I kid. Mostly).

I like how online influencers have really elevated thrift shopping that it’s not longer looked down upon and it’s even a thing of pride to show off awesome pieces at jaw-dropping price, because now people like me can buy their clothing pieces in peace and be honest on how we got it and for how much. 

Now are you confused over how other people come back with Thrift Steals and you keep buying thrifted pieces for almost the prices would have gotten them otherwise, and you are even getting horrid pieces that bring shame to the name of thrifting. Well that’s what this post is about. 

Today I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to thrift shop and make the most of it as well as sharing some of my favorite thrifted pieces.

1) Know Your Market

Here’s the deal with Thrifting, It requires more street smartness than normal shopping. And knowledge of the market you are going to can and will determine what you get out of it. Markets have their ‘uptime’ and their ‘downtime’and the particular spots you can get particular pieces cheaper and better. Take for example, here in Port Harcourt you can get the best watches for unbelievable prices from people hawking in Waterlines Park. 

Guess how much I got this awesome Hublot watch? 

Two Thousand Naira!

And I didn’t stop at a store or even haggle much with the guy. I merely walked up to him, picked this one and gave a price I could afford. The same way, some markets are known for their denim and some are known for their shirts, so if you walk into a market known for denim to buy a shirt, chances are you won’t get a good deal. 

2) Don’t Be A Novice

Like I said, streetsmart. Not really my forte, if I’m being honest, but I’m getting better at it. When you enter into a Nigerian market to shop, here’s one of the first things to know. DON’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. No matter what they tell you about how they bought that shirt for one thousand Naira best believe they got it for five hundred, so you should still haggle and say you will take it for three hundred Naira. 

Like this jacket, the lady said she will sell it for two thousand five hundred naira. The first thing I replied was ‘The Jacket or the rack?’ At the end of the the day, I took it home for Eight hundred naira. Score! 

Also don’t get carried away with their stories and songs and other attention grabbing tactics, not just for your shopping but also because they could use that opportunity to steal from you. (Sad truth)

3) Plan Ahead 

This is really key when it comes to saving money. I like to write a list of things i’ld want to buy, even when I’m not going shopping. That way if I get any money during the month and I see a piece I had already written I can just buy it and tick it off my list. It’s being really helpful in me building up a new and better Wardrobe (If I see anything else I would like to buy or I get an urge for something I write it down and plan it for the next month).

 This denim trouser with little rips all over is a prime example because I’ve been looking for it for a while and the moment I found it, I was dancing a mental shoki (Lol) 

Take those shoes for example, I planned buying them over a month before I actually did and I can tell you that THAT was a good decision.
So there are my top three tips for thrifting better here in Nigeria as well as some of my favorite thrift finds.

Have you thrifted anything recently that that you loved? What are your own favorite thrift hacks? Have you ever thrifted? Do you thrift shop? 

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.


14 Replies to “Three Tips To Thrift Better X Favorite Thrift Finds ”

  1. 60 percent of my wardrobe are Thrift Finds and it’s really fun when you score chic pieces at ridiculous prices. All your tips are on point especially the last one. I always make lists too and I check them off once I’ve scored them. I also put likely prices so that it can guide me while budgeting. I’m putting up something similar soon soon so watch out 😉


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  3. I went thrifting yesterday and am super excited to wear the new items. So true on that srory telling thing and they say it with so much passion to distract you. Another tip is to buy recyclable items. Items you can wear with different pieces.


  4. 2k5—>800?! Whaaat! I don’t even know who’s worse, you or my mum. Thrift shopping is fun and really good but sadly people still shame people who thrift.


    1. Lol, my money is on your mum especially if she is anything like mine.those people that do so, know what is wrong with them. I will wear what I thrift and I will strut and slay regardless. Thanks for reading man


  5. Another nice post! I definitely expanded my thrift knowledge.
    Have you thrifted anything recently that that you loved – bags, mainly.. a cute yellow top.. scarves..

    What are your own favorite thrift hacks – I have none lol, I just dropped into the store as a way of therapy. What better way to relieve the stress of impending exams than just quietly shuffling through racks of beautiful clothing. I’d say have a clear image of what you want in your mind and DON’T COMPROMISE. Since I returned to Nigeria, I haven’t really implemented this and unfortunately I’ve ended with some pieces I am not proud of (picture: a blue/white chiffon “Hawaiian” shirt with shoulder pads – really?!) I’d also say take your time! I’m a very picky person, and this, combined with my inability to make choices especially when confronted with more than 2 choices makes me an annoying person to shop with. So, if anyone is like me, I’d say go alone and give yourself enough time to peruse. Rushing is never good, it can be just like impulse buying! I also learnt from another thrift shopping post that one should not show too much excitement over an item as this can cause the seller to bump up the price and become stubborn lol.

    Do you thrift shop? – Hell to the yes! I have to admit I started thrifting due to my constant broke state. Now I believe, even if I have 500,000 in my account, I will thrift oh! It was such a lovely experience. I am a strong believer in the idea that thrifting is the way to get more variety. You know sometimes you can go to all the big stores and all the stuff they have are just so .. similar. Meanwhile, you can go thrifting and see things from different decades all sprawled out lol. I’m still getting the hang of thrifting in Nigeria, but love it anyways.

    Pray for me that I shall one day find my treasured denim dungarees (overalls)
    Oh lord, see how long my comment is. I’m sure its almost as long as the post. Sorry oh, I type quickly so I tend to write A LOT. Let me quietly go to the next article lol. I’ll implement your tips for sure, especially learning how to price!


    1. Thank you! I can so imagine that shirt and it is not pretty 😂 😂!!!I agree with taking your time because you don’t want to go home with Something that you’ll end up hating. I’m also very very indecisive I can spend hours trying to. Make one decision, you are right don’t show too. Much excitement because once they know you really like it they got you good!!!
      I also second that, I’m so into this thrifting thing, that I will do it even just for fun. Thank God. I’m not the only one who thinks all these stores have similar things, my sister!!!! I have been looking for dungarees for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. No problem, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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