Outfit || Noir and Ankara

Hey guys,

I’m super glad to be putting up an outfit post today, because it’s been a minute since I put one up. Now, I’m in no way an advocate in the Afrocentric movement (I’m not even an advocate In the #BuyNigerian movement tbh though that’s a different matter) but my mum recently made me a full Ankara outfit and I’ve been thinking of how to style it. The redeeming thing about Ankara pieces is that they are quite versatile, you can style them in so many ways and today I’ll be styling just the Ankara shirt.

There are more than a few Ways to style an Ankara shirt, in just about any direction you want to go-  casual with denim, layered and cool-kid mordern with dungarees (which I’m just dying to show you). I decided today to style mine with a blazer.

I went with an all black look because I felt the shirt was colourful enough, then added my gold watch and gold frame glasses keeping the Three Colour Rule. 

Another thing I loved is that it gives this illusion of wearing a long line shirt which makes my body looks elongated and makes me appear taller.

If you don’t know, the Three Colour Rule is  simply a safe way of styling colours where you have a base/main colour which most of your outfit is in (In this case, it’s the black) a secondary colour which a single piece of your outfit is in (In this case the blue of my Danshiki (Ankara shirt) ) then the colour you accessorize with (The gold in my glasses, watch and coincidentally my Danshiki as well)

I like this way of styling my Ankara shirt because its morden enough for me, while still being easy and comfortable. And it’s a perfect Friday outfit, since Fridays in Nigeria are usually for Ankara and Trad wears this will be a cool way to spice it up.

Thank you for reading through and please leave me a comment telling me what you think of this outfit? Would you try it? 

A huge thank you to Chidinma (IG @chidinma_n) for helping me out with these pictures.

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.

Outfit Details

Blazer- Dino Collections

Danshiki- Tailor who unfortunately doesn’t have a social media account that I know of.

Trouser – Thrifted

Shoes – Thrifted

Watch- Police

Glasses – Random Store


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