Brunch At Genesis 

Hey guys,

How’s your week going? Mine is going really amazing, good things happening that put smiles on my face. So my mum and my younger sister are back from Lagos, and after regaling me with the stories of how much fun they had in Lagos I couldn’t help feel jealous. So they decided to make it up to me with Brunch. 

Where We Ate 

We were a bit confused over where to eat, we were thinking of going to Sizzlers but I wanted Genesis mostly because of the view,  Genesis has ‘Window-Walls’ which Is one thing that makes me oddly giddy, and  is why It’s where I always go to  whenever I want to eat out.

Genesis is located at Location Junction, at a crossroads- Ozuoba, Rumokwuta, and Ada-George.Opposite Sizzlers, and the building also houses FCMB Bank and an Etisalat Outlet.

What We Ate 

To be honest, I need to learn how to try new foods. I’m always ordering the same kind of food, simple choices that are hard to get wrong. 

I was contemplating trying some of the more daring choices but I ended up going with the classic -Fried Rice and Chicken. So did my younger sister. 

However my mum went with the Genesis Special Rice, which I thought looked like the Jollof rice I made the first time I cooked – bathed in curry and tomato sauce. But ended up tasting very awesome, I even exchanged half of my plate for hers. We also had Yogurt, I mistakenly ordered for the Plain without sugar one. But it was surprisingly good. The food was okay especially the Genesis Special Rice. The Fried Rice was okay, not wow, but okay. And the portions were just there, not small not much. The chicken though, was lit! 

The Rice and Chicken costs A Thousand and Three Hundred, for both the Fried and Genesis Rice. The Yogurt was Six Hundred Naira, and the bottles of water was a hundred and fifty Naira. 

They also have pastries (Their beef-rolls and meatpies are so lit)  at pretty decent prices. And also variety of drinks.

It was really nice, just chilling especially as I was in a hurry that morning to get to the ATM and still get to school and them brunch and then a little Port Harcourt Thrifting (Which I will write about later). It was a bit busy as that was almost lunchtime, and there were alot more men than women (Why’s that?)

Thanks for reading through, and tell me if you’ve treated yourself lately? Do you indulge In new food? Or stick to what you know? 

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter 


12 thoughts on “Brunch At Genesis 

  1. Please stop sharing food pictures if we won’t get to have a taste *side eye*. LOL. Don’t mind me. That’s the foodie in me talking. Great review BTW.


  2. Please let me follow next time so you can kill me with enjoyment 😂😂😂. I love trying new stuff but not in this kind of setting. I’d rather have the usual please. Glad your mom made it up to you. Looking forward to your Thrift Finds post. Send my blueberries when you can too 😌 😪. I’m serious ooo 😏


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