Product Review || Neutrogena Triple Action Toner 

Hey guys, 

How was the super long weekend? Mine was okay, I mostly chilled indoors watching alot of YouTube videos of  X-Factor and American Idol where people were fooling themselves so much. It was oddly satisfying. Anyways, today’s post is a review and I wanna be sharing with you one of my favorite beauty products ever – The Neutrogena Triple Action Toner.

The Product


It costs Four Thousand Naira, and it may be a bit on the expensive side but I assure you it is worth the splurge.

How Long It Lasts 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you’ll know I’m a sucker for products that are not only effective but also long-lasting and this definitely is. You can use one for over six-months!!  And that’s really awesome.


This is usually the third step in my skincare routine (Details here), I use it after my apricot exfoliant and/or after a shower. Simply squirt some on a cotton wool and rub on my face especially on the ‘problem spots’.


It’s very effective, immediately after use you’ll feel that your skin is clearer with less dirt and acne as well. Some people have complained that when they use it, after about two weeks it seems to have no effect any more. Here’s a little tip, space your usage don’t ‘gang up’ on your skin, you can use the toner twice or thrice weekly instead of daily and I can assure you of superb effect.

Final Thoughts
It’s more expensive than most products I use but it’s really worth it.

It’s a tad harsh on the face, just so you know.

And It’s very effective.

Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts.

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