Restaurant Review || Piazza Bar and Restaurant 

Hey guys, 

How has your week being? Mine has been quite awesome and I’m super glad it’s the weekend so I can unwind and plan my week ahead. What’s your Friday looking like? 

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a designer here in Port Harcourt and today’s post is about where we had ‘brunch’, well it would have been brunch If the order had come on time.

Where We Ate

The designer chose Piazza Bar and Restaurant, which is almost directly behind the Port Harcourt Polo Club in the G.R.A area of Port Harcourt. If you are using Google Maps,  be careful, it will show you were it is but you might misjudge it’s exact location or rather entrance.

It has a poolside, which was where we sat originally and the poolside was quite quiet with just two white men and a Nigerian, and a bar of well stocked drinks. We eventually went inside because the designer wanted somewhere with A.C.

I like the inside, it didn’t have the clinical feel some restaurants have but it didn’t quite get the warm ambiance feel.

What We Ate

To be honest, when he asked me to order I didn’t order because I didn’t want a situation that when we want to leave I’ll start stuttering more than I do already because I had to pay the bill. Lol. So I didn’t pay attention to the exchange between him and the waitress, she gave him a bottle of beer and left. It took forever for the food to arrive, so much so that the designer had to cancel his second order and he only took the first because it was already brought.

He ordered for Spring Rolls with Chicken Pepper Sauce and Chicken With Vegetable Salad. I think.

 The spring rolls were so good. I think they are the best I’ve ever had. And the sauce it came with was so nice. When I took it, I was very skeptical to be honest, because I’ve had several restaurants give me horrible things in the name of Spring Rolls but these were so good.

Very Skeptical

The chicken and vegetable salad was also very nice, fresh and with enough kick. I really enjoyed it. Although, the Chicken could have done with a little extra sprinkle of pepper, but it was nice and better than the most recent chicken I had which was burnt.Everything cost Six Thousand Naira, I’m not sure of the breakdown because the designer paid with his card (If I had realized this I would have ordered for some more when he asked me, and maybe a cocktail because I hear they have great cocktails).

I wasn’t able to glance through the menu because I declined ordering and honestly, I forgot but I know their Pizzas are Five Thousand Naira or within that range, and the pizzas are usually nice.

I apologize for the crappy and blurred pictures, I took them discreetly because I didn’t want to be rude and look like I had no care for what he was saying. 

I’ld definitely go back there, and very soon. So what do you usually look for in a restaurant? What do you think of the review? Do you get anxious when someone tells you to order and you don’t want to foot the bill? Leave me a  comment.

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter 


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