Five Tips For Taking Flatlays

Warning- Picture Overload 

One of the things blogging has done for me is that pictures are no longer just pictures, they now mean alot to me. You won’t believe what I go through trying to get quality pictures  for my blog because I feel good pictures make for great content. And besides a picture says a thousand words and it can’t be truer when it comes to Flatlays.

I’ve definitely gotten better at taking flatlays though I will not say I am now a master at it, I can confidently say I’ve gotten better since my first flatlay attempt (which was very horrible) especially as I don’t think my phone’s camera is even up to average. I wouldn’t have done this post but when a few people on Instagram and  Twitter complimented my flatlays, and even asked how I did it.  I figured I might as well do a post on it and hope it’s useful to somebody. So today’s post is simply about how I take  flatlays. The process and a few tips too-

 1) A Solid Surface 

You won’t believe the difference this makes to a flatlay, except you are going for an ‘In-Bed’ kind of flatlay, I’ll recommend you get yourself a cardboard. Or a good flat solid surface.

2) Good Lighting

The best of course being Natural light, the trick here is to prevent overexposure. So what I’ll advice you to do is to take your flatlay in a shade where you can still get access to the sun. 

3) Composition and Theme

This is where creativity comes in, how you arrange your subjects. Flatlays are meant to tell a story, don’t just throw random things in a picture. You want  someone to take a lot at your picture and get an idea exactly what they are looking at. This is how you can tell an OOTD flatlay from a beauty or haul flatlay.

Add and remove elements that bring unique aesthetic to your pictures like the leaves In the picture below make the green in my sandals pop. 

 Play with the spacing in your pictures, you can make it messy and congested in an artistic manner that has no structure (it actually does, just make it look  like it doesn’t) or you can play with empty space.

4) Shoot In Square and From A Bird View

Flatlays always look better when shot in the square setting of your phone camera (assuming you are using a phone), and also taken from a bird view. (Stand on a stool or something that can give you good distance from the flatlay-to-be). 

However, flatlays also look great when taken from a different angle, it gives your Instagram followers something different to look at.

5) Editing

When it comes to photography, editing plays a huge role, the key is to avoid over-editing and harsh filters. The phone phtoto-editor i suggest is Snapseed. When it comes to flatlays, the only thing I use is the Selective Option (It’s also how I’ve been able to keep up with my IG theme), just tap on the option.

 Tap on the side of your picture and increase the brightness (You can also contrast and some other things), do this to other edges till your picture looks awesome.

Thank You for reading through. I’m still learning in this flatlay-taking business and will love to read any tip you guys have to share and I hope you guys learnt something from today’s post.

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter



13 Replies to “Five Tips For Taking Flatlays”

  1. You are actually really good at flatlays, I’m not even going to ask you why there’s a classic compact in that last picture lol


  2. Flatlay master. Hahaha. I think what I love most about your flatlay pictures is the white background. Really visually appealing. I love flatlays but I’ve not really tried taking one myself. Probably because most of my posts don’t require one. Lol. I also love how some items in the picture could be totally random and yet add so much ‘sauce’ to the picture. I’d be stealing one of your flatlay soon. Hehe.


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