What’s In My Tote 


Hey guys, 

How was your week? Hope it was as swell as mine? If your week wasn’t awesome, today is Friday so just take your time and unwind. Although you might be like me, whose busiest days are the weekends but luckily I’m only busy doing things I love. One of my essentials for the weekend is my tote bag for King and Steven, and in today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you some of the things you’ld find Nine out of ten times in my bag.


This bag , with its Inscription and camo design, is probably one of my favorite things ever. I love the design and how it basically draws attention to me the moment I step into a place, it’s also very sturdy without being tough. It was on my wishlist for the longest time so when I finally got it early this year, I was high above the moon.


Cassie Daves Blog Planner – Another item that was on my wishlist for the longest time that I also got sometime in January. I carry it everywhere, because inspiration could come anywhere anytime and like the Boy’s Scout we have to Be prepared. I must admit that I occasionally jot down non-blogging things there.

Glasses- I actually can’t remember a day I went out without or with just one pair of glasses. I may not use it but I have to have it. Medicated, clear ones and even sunshades.

Charger, Power Bank, Extension-  Like I said Be Prepared. The Nigerian Power Sector definitely needs to up their game, and to be honest I wouldn’t hold my breath till then. I’m constantly using my phone, I can’t be the only one like this, and as you can imagine the battery  is constantly running down.

Bottle Of Water- I can’t over-emphasis the importance of being hydrated. But if I’m being honest that’s not the reason why I carry a bottle of water, I just think its a cool kid thing to hold a plastic bottle of water.

Book- I’m that nerd that isn’t afraid to whip a book out wherever whenever. Lol. The truth is I can’t stay bored for longer than a minute so I always endeavor to have a novel or an interesting text book (Even if it’s one I’ve read before). 

Hundred Naira – I have this paranoia of things going wrong at any moment. Like getting lost, getting hungry, World War 3 starting etc so I always make sure to have spare cash (Even if it’s just one hundred naira) at least to pay transport from one junction to the other. Lol. 

Brown Powder – I haven’t used white powder (Which is what most males In Nigeria use) for over five years because I think it makes me look like a ghost. I’ld much rather use brown powder, and if you must know my mum knows and she is very okay with it (Especially seeing how I use hers). And as a very sweaty and self-concious person, I endeavor to have a handkerchief and some pressed powder In my bag. 

So that’s it folks, some of my daily essentials. What are yours? And how are you spending your weekend?  Please leave me a comment.

See you guys soon, until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter


12 Replies to “What’s In My Tote ”

  1. I totally agree with having a bottle of water with you, Nigeria is too hot but the brown powder thing is just weird i guess. Like, do you powder your face in public without having people stare?


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