Five Fashion YouTube Channels/Blogs To Follow

By nature, I’m more or less a hermit, a good day to me involves several hours spent reading just about any and everything I can get my hands on- newspapers, novels, magazines and yes, Blogs. My preferred niche of blog to read is definitely fashion and personal style, I love seeing how different people interpret fashion and share stories through their personal Style and as such my love for seeing fashion through their eyes turned me into a low-key YouTube junkie as well, and in today’s post I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite fashion and personal style blogs and YouTube channels. 

1) Friends In Fashion || YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel owned by two bloggers and best friends, Ijenna and Seyi. I’ve been reading Ijenna’s blog for quite a while and she was definitely one of the inspirations to me starting my own blog, and also a personal friend, so you can imagine when she announced her channel I ran to check it out and it was awesome! Lookbooks. DIY, Beauty and Lifestyle contents every Friday from two fun people? Yes, please.

2) Princess Audu || Blog

I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for about a year now and I can say she never dissapoints. I first came across her blog sometime last year March, when I searched for ‘Young Nigerian Fashion Bloggers‘,  but what really had my attention was her very colourful, modest and vintage outfits. I love the fact Sarah steadily gives modest female style inspiration, something that there isn’t quite enough of out there. 

3) Ralph Ikem || YouTube Channel 

A while back, I was complaining on Twitter about how I followed very few male bloggers and I got a few people referencing me to Ralph Ikem’s blog which I loved, after a while I realized he also had YouTube channel and I went to check it out and it was lit. And not just because I got to see his hair up close, lol, but because his style is just so cool-kid! 

4) WhoWhatFab || Blog

I discovered Ifeoma’s blog from clicking a link from one of those online blog awards, when I got to her blog I was sorta confused because she was a ten months-old-blogger (At the time) but her writing, style and everything was so much more defined and she had definitely done well for herself despite her relatively short time in the blogosphere.

5) Christian Confidential || Blog

My love for Christian’s blog is mostly how urban his style is, and he chooses the best backgrounds ever. His instagram feed is also instagram feed goals to be honest. He’s a Nigerian who grew up in Canada (I think)  and wears the best destroyed denim ever!  Not to mention those oversized clothings!

So here are a few of mine and there are definitely alot more where that came from! Is there any fashion/personal style blog/YouTube channel you enjoy?  Please leave a comment for me! 

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.


15 Replies to “Five Fashion YouTube Channels/Blogs To Follow”

  1. I’m honoured that you featured me and the fact that you get my goal for modest fashion. And of course you can’t have a list without Ifeoma, she’s serving it really good. I love finding new bloggers and I’ve actually been slacking at this so I’ll definitely be checking out these male bloggers.

     Princess Audu 


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