Life Lately  #4

And that’s how we moonwalked into the Fourth month of 2017. I’m really loving how this year has been going so far,  and I hope it only becomes even better for us as the days and months go by. Anyways, as is customary, let’s get into what I’ve been doing lately 

Wearing – A bit more formal-wear than I normally do. I’m not sure what that is all about but it’s definitely not a bad thing.

Craving- Shortbread and Yogurt. I’ve been craving this for so long and I don’t know why I haven’t eaten it yet! Maybe it’s because the craving usually comes when I’m already in bed and it’s too late to go out side.

Admiring- Ralph Ikem’s hairstyle. I really want to do something to my hair but laziness and the Nigerian mentality of jumping to conclusion won’t let me,  but If I ever get to choose a hairstyle other than my basic one right now, this is definitely up for consideration.

Appreciating- My mum! Being a single mum isn’t easy, but she does it so well. A while back, I was complaining about my old powerbank and she just went out and bought me a Solar Panel, just like that.

Hoping- To be as consistent as I want to be on the blog , especially as most of this month I will be preparing for exams and I’ll be doing a bit of traveling and handling the business side of blogging as well as starting my new job.  And also hoping to get a new and better phone or a camera soon.

Irritated By- The weather. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE rainy season. I love cold nights, wind blowing, rain drops dripping down arching backs and all that. But the lighting makes for terrible pictures (Or at least it make it hard to get good pictures). That’s a picture of the weather the day I took pictures for this outfit post.

Amazed- By how awesomely and absolutely God answers prayers. And my blog stats, I don’t know what I did right, but thank you guys.

Loving- My Instagram feed. Remember when, I was having second thoughts about choosing a white-themed feed? Well, I’m still on the white theme bandwagon, but I’m more about experimenting and trying to add a little bit of spice.

Watching- YouTube videos. I’ve watched so many this month,  and I don’t know what caused this sudden love for YouTube videos but you can check out this awesome channel by a fellow blogger who is now also a vlogger and started A YouTube channel with her bestfriend  here.

Listening– To bits and pieces from Sia’s This Is Acting Out Album. Sia’s mind is just beautiful and I adore her vocal and song writing ability.

Reading- I’ve officially finished Brian Tracy’s No Excuses  and i’m currently reading PDFs of content marketing. And today marks the beginning of my Seven Books A Month Challenge which I’m doing with a fellow blogger over twitter, wish me luck and please email me any PDF you have.

Eating- Less and less of Jollof rice. I don’t know why this is happening but it has got to stop. What is life without Jollof Rice? (JK) 

Determined To– Create better content this month, and to also tick my goals off my list, as well as to balance everything I have to do. As well as to go out and explore the real Port Harcourt.

Knowing- I can’t do it on my own without God.

Unsure- About my trip to Lagos This month. I have alot of things to do In Lagos as well as a program to attend, but the last time I went on something similar I ended up regretting it because I got into an unhealthy relationship, but I have to go if for nothing to prove I’m stronger than the shadows of the past. 

Drinking – Alot of soft drinks, I can’t count the bottles I drank this month. It’s not healthy,  right?  But I can’t seem to stop drinking at least two bottles daily. 

Amused- by my mother’s reaction when I told her about my feature in an international French online webizine which you can read here and my interview which you can read here. Her reaction was so infectious and made me feel so happy and proud of myself for doing something right.

Knowing- I let fear get in my way too much, and it’s costing me some opportunities.

Praying- For more opportunities, more strength, more creativity and a better way to express my ideas.

And that’s mostly what I’ve been doing and feeling lately, I can’t be the only one who feels this year is running fast! But still we move on. Please leave a comment sharing what you’ve been doing lately as well as what kind of content you want to see more often on the blog this month. 

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.


9 Replies to “Life Lately  #4”

  1. Now im craving shortbread too😵 I love this post. You’re so hardworking to hve had this post ready for the first day of April👏👏👏 running to write mine too…



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