DIY Simple Knee-Ripped Jeans 

Hey guys,

Happy New week! I pray your week and mine goes amazingly!  During the week I got to do some walking around in my city, which is alot different from what I’m used to,  and one piece that gave my outfit a very casj look was my simple knee ripped jeans. Event though alot of people kept looking at me oddly, I just took it they haven’t seen someone as great looking as me! Lol, i don’t do DIY projects because I normally suck at them but this one was so simple, so I just had to try it and of course share it with you awesome people.

You’ld Need

A pair of jeans 


Safety Blade 

Marker (Optional) 

Here’s What To Do

1) Wear your jeans and Mark right above your knees where you’ld like to rip. 

2) Make a small incision at the beginning of the marked out line using the safety blade. 

3) Place your scissors right where the incision was made, and cut through to end of the line you made.

4) Your rip is made. 

5) Wear your ripped jeans out and rock. 

Super easy, right?  How would you style simple knee- ripped jeans ? Did you get to anything during the weekend? 

See you guys soon until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter.


4 Replies to “ DIY Simple Knee-Ripped Jeans ”

  1. sounds easy to make. I was hoping to see a full outfit photo though. So i can see how it actually looks like.
    I’ll give it a try with an old pair of jeans.



  2. This would have made sense this time last year when it was pretty trendy, but now… its blehhh…. I feel the ripped denim trend can evolve from the regular rip with a blade to the little rip, patch or fraying that still keeps the threading of the denim in place. All the same, nice one there.

    Kene’ |


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