Five Lessons From Brian Tracy’s No Excuses

Have you ever had a book that you keep In your shelf and think someday ‘I’ll read that book’, and never do? That’s the case with this book, I’ve had it for so long but I’ve never even opened it, but a few days back I did. And I really wondered why I didn’t read it earlier on, but I consoled myself with the thought that if I had read then, I wouldn’t have valued the lessons as well as I do. In today’s post, I won’t be reviewing the book rather I’ll be highlighting a few lessons I picked up and I hope you pick something up too… 

1) Set Clear Goals For Yourself And Work To Achieve Them Daily 

Everyone knows how important it is to have goals, and I’m pretty sure most (If not all)  of us made resolutions and goal lists during the beginning of this year. But have you made any progress on them? According to Brian Tracy, only 3 percent of Adults have written goals. And this 3 percent earn more than the entire 97 percent put together. The keyword here is Written because nine out of ten times an unwritten goal is just a wish or a hope. And a hope is ‘a goal with no energy behind it’s.  Writing your goal down and setting out every day to do one thing that brings you close to your goal will take you alot further than you think. 

2) Invest In Yourself

Brian talks about a man that attended a seminar where he(Brian) talked and he (the man) picked up Brian’s 3 percent Formula (which merely said, you should reinvest 3 percent of your income to self develop yourself in books and other things in your field) the man went back home implemented this and a Few years later, he was earning over a million dollars and he was investing not just 3 percent but ten percent in his self-developement. I think this is key, in just about every and any field, you taking out time learn innovative ways of doing things and new skills may just be what will put you over the top. And the best part is that with the internet, you have access to a wide array of information in just about any field, webinars, conferences etc

3) Do What Successful People Do

One thing I love the most about myself is how bold I can be on social media when it comes to reaching out to people. I’ve cultivated the habit of connecting with other creatives and bloggers that I admire either on Instagram or Twitter, and asking them questions on how they got to where they are,  and also reading posts that talk about how they do what they do. Because what worked for them will work for me (and you). The Law of Cause and Effect? The Law of Sowing and Reaping? These principles always work, and for anybody. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be original and do you own thing. Or you should copy paste someone’s work, I’m saying you should learn from how they do things- Their work ethics, their daily routine, what books they read. Walk in the steps of great men and women, and you will be great.

4) You Have No Excuse To NOT Be Great 

 According to Brian Tracy, Eighty percent of millionaires today are first generation millionaires. And a great percentage of them came from the lowest class In society without  education and mostly penniless (Heck, Brian Tracy himself didn’t finish High School originally) A lot of these people were disadvantaged, disabled or had one learning difficulty or the other but they decided to break through the mediocrity. Currently in this world, a lot of people are stuck living less than average lives because they always blame the fact that they were sexually or emotionally abused, poor, or disabled for the failures in their life. They say ‘If I weren’t Black, i’ld be….’ ‘If I had two legs, i’ld….’ ‘If I had two parents, i’ld… ‘. Stop using your powerful and beautiful brain to think up excuses!! Think up solutions.

5) Do More 

In your everyday life,  go the extra mile. If every other person works for six hours, work for eight. Don’t just be the norm. I was on YouTube a few days ago and I came across a Vlogger that made videos everyday. I mean EVERYDAY. Do you know how much work it takes to make a video, edit, and then upload? Not to mention, coming up with ideas! This made me realize that it’s actually possible to do the ‘impossible’, don’t let fear push you into doing just enough. 

This book is filled with so much lessons, and this Five are just the ones that really left their marks on me, and I’ll urge everyone who hasn’t to read this book.


Have you read this book? Have you read any book that really made you feel powerful lately? Please leave the title in the comments so I can go read it!!  

Thank You for reading and please connect with Me on Instagram and Twitter .


5 Replies to “Five Lessons From Brian Tracy’s No Excuses”

  1. I just came across your blog. Its amazing. Its well balanced. The topics are catchy. i just want to read everything.
    I love Brain Tracy. I’ve always had the book too. I’ll definitely pick it up. Thanks for sharing the lessons.
    I’m reading his Time management book right now.


    1. Hiii!!!this comment really made my day!!! Thank you so. Much. I can relate to that, trust me reading it will. Definitely be worth your while. I haven’t read his book. I’m Time Management book yet, but I will Soon. thank you for coming today, please come back again


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