OOTD || Vested 

Hey guys,

I’m really glad to be posting this today because this outfit post has been a long time coming but the photographer issue has been…well, an issue. So in today’s post, I’m going to be talking about  one of my favorite things ever. A waistcoat.

I’m what you call a ‘Waistcoat Connoisseur’, I’ve been so ever since I was a kid – when I thought the ultimate outfit spice for any guy was a waistcoat ,whilst I’ve evolved since then, we can’t deny that a waistcoat upgrades an otherwise basic outfit, case in point-My outfit today.  A quick question, what’s the difference between a ‘Vest’and a ‘Waistcoat’? 

Answer- Nothing. They actually mean the same thing. Just that Americans, call anything without sleeves a Vest.

So in today’s post, I’m wearing a very basic ensemble, a white shirt, a pair of black pants with the hem folded up, my black loafers (which I talked about here), a black tie and black frames. And of course, one of my waistcoats, I love how it elevates what would have been an otherwise basic Normal outfit to something that looks more thought out.  This look is perfect for a date night if you don’t want to appear too formal but aren’t too sure if your date will. Appear in a formal outfit. 

And it’s also great for the workplace, especially for someone like me that hopes to be a lecturer, amongst other things,(a very young and sexy and fashionable one too) when I’m done with Uni and stop stuttering every two sentence.  

My Lowkey obsession with waistcoats  may be the reason why Kurt Hummel from Glee is my best character ever. Because Kurt has the best waistcoats ever, and What I love most about his waistcoats are how they are always a perfect fit (Which is key when it.Comes to the art of ‘Waistcoating’) 

I also love how it gives a ‘sexy well-proportioned’ look and hugs me in the right places. 
But my all time favorite reason why I love waistcoats, has to be how you can throw on a blazer and turn it into a three-piece.

Photocredit goes to the awesome Chidinma of My Style Mirror.

See You Guys Soon. But until then I’m on Instagram and Twitter. By the way, I know it’s late but how was your weekend? And I hope your week is as awesome as mine! 

Outfit Details 

Shirt – Thrifted (details here)

Trousers – Thrifted 

Waistcoat – Thrifted 

Loafers – Thrifted 

Watch – Police (Gift from my mum) 

Belt – Spar

Tie – Can’t Remember 

Frames- Store Outside my Uni. 


22 Replies to “OOTD || Vested ”

  1. I like the title of the post. Waist coats are those kinds of extras that can take your outfit from 0-100 in a swoosh. And also, they are not so choosy. Thank God for the little things like the waistcoat. People need to appreciate it more. Nice post man.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Vincent,
    Nice one I’d say .
    Waistcoats are also my favorites, I’ve lived all my life literally on ties and waistcoats .
    However, in order to solidify your well thought out look, your tie should be knotted properly.
    Other than that, I think it’s a nice ensemble.

    Kene’ | http://www.kenekingsley.com


  3. Osheyyy Oga Lecturer – in the making. This is a simple semi – formal outfit, let me tease you small you resemble choir master 😝😝. That aside waistcoats are super versatile and they come in handy when you don’t want to wear a suit or blazer. Expecting more style posts from you. Thanks to Chidinma for coming through.


  4. Quite interesting that you drew inspiration from curts style, though he is very daring with those colours and bows. I like this look, simple but nicely put together. I agree with Ebun to an extent lol, you look like a quior boy, I do hope you can sing though. I think this look would work with sneakers too and probably be a great inspo for valentines day. And thank God for people who are always willing to help a blogger out. By the way I noticed you have two blogs, quite confusing, you should delete one but I’m sure you have your reasons

    Princess Audu


    1. He’s such an inspiration!!! But I like to play it safe when it comes to colours!! Lol,.i cannot sing oo.but I’m. In choir hehehe. It was originally meant for Valentine’s Day but I couldn’t get a photographer so I decided to do a time-neutral Version. Thank you so much for reminding me, I’ve deleted the old one. I just kept forgetting. Thanks alot for reading and leaving a comment! Really appreciate


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