The Beard Series||  5 + 1 Beard Grooming Tips

I will be the first to admit that despite the fact that I am a bit fussy when it comes to my skin and Body I occasionally take my beard for granted. Though I occasionally comb it out, I don’t do much or consciously take care of it because my beard like my body hair, brows etc all have a mind of their own and are naturally made up to be flaunted (My Brows always look like I just brushed it out, my body hair always look like you used a mini curling iron on them, the hair on my head is always disheleved in this sexy wind rumpled look.  Okay, enough vanity for now)  But recently, as a young man slowly coming into his own I’ve decided to start paying attention to the details because it’s the little details that counts, so in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you a few tips for grooming your beard. 

1) Grow It Well From The Start 

Like my mum will say, ‘Anything worth doing is worth doing well’. Start out strong, maybe It’s just a few strands of hair, my advice is that if you want a healthy Mane of hair then you should start from there. In fact, if your beard is grown but doesn’t feel healthy or you don’t think it’s healthy cut it off and start out strong. 

2) Feed It

Your beard is your baby, feed it. There are so many easy DIY mixtures that can turn your little bush into an Amazon (I’m not talking about size here). Simple things, like Avocado, Coconut Oil etc can go a very long way. (I’ll be sharing one of the things I use for my beard very soon)
3) Be Fussy

So you are eating  and you are just throwing the food into your mouth without any care what so ever about the crumbs dropping there? No, just No. That’s why you have napkins, take smaller bites. You’ll be surprised how far the little things will take you.


You can’t be fussy enough. Use Shampoos, use conditioners. Rightly, it’s wrong for you to want to grow a caveman-like beard in the 21st century. Let your conditioner really get into your beard and work it’s magic, that’s one way of preventing your beard from getting wiry and strong and short in there, it’ll encourage your beard to be soft and dark and having this awesome feel.

5) Trim It

Except your are going for the free-spirited-always-half-drunk-guitar-strumming-full-bearded look then trim your beard. I go to the barber’s shop weekly, because I keep my beard closely shaven to prevent people from quoting my age as 27 (Again)  even if you want to grow out your beard you should go to the Barber regularly to get the split ends cut and to give yourself a smooth and clean look.

6) Or Cut It Off

I’ve seen too many people trying chemicals on their faces trying to force the beard to grow out more, if you notice that for some reason you (genetically) aren’t sprouting as much hair as you think you should  and want to, my advice is to cut your beard and work on being even better looking than the guys with beards.

So that’s it guys, will you guys love to see another post in this Series? Leave me a comment sharing your thoughts. Guys, what challenges  have you faced growing a beard? Girls, do you prefer guys with or without beards? 


4 Replies to “The Beard Series||  5 + 1 Beard Grooming Tips”

  1. hey
    the beard grooming series is quite interesting.
    I’d also suggest a lot of oiling and moisturizing too. I discovered that most guys have break outs because they don’t moisturize their beards. you can go from oils as simple as coconut oil, to the almighty beard oil
    Nice stuff, VInce.

    Kene’ |


    1. Same! That’s why I mentioned to use conditioners and stuff will do a more detailed post on that. I’m really glad someone enjoys it!!!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting man!! Means alot


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