Product Review || Anana Secrets Apricot Exfoliating Soap

Been a minute since I did a review, so I decided to do one today and share with you guys my thoughts on this Apricot Exfoliating soap. Due to the fact that I don’t use sponge while bathing anymore  because it usually irritates my skin and causes acne and as such I’ve been careful with my soap choices lately and I decided to try this one because of the Exfoliating bit.

The Price 

I like that the soap isn’t expensive  at all,  especially with the way the Nigerian economy is at the moment we definitely don’t need anything that will make us spend much. I got mine for Four Hundred Naira  at a shop my mum and I went to several weekends ago. 

How Long It Lasts 

So far it’s lasted for about a month and a week and it’s still quite firm and a sizable amount ,that should for about approximately another Month and two weeks, is left. So I will say it’s quite lasting.


Like I said I don’t use a sponge while bathing, so I just rub the sub on my body gently (Note that it’s got a little bit of a rough sandpaper like feel to it) on my face and body with hands.


So far so good. I haven’t noticed any odd reaction. It does a pretty decent job of cleaning my skin, and in a way that the effect is palpable to say the least. 

Final Thoughts 

I think the soap lived up to my expectations for the most part. But I wished it came in a more minimalist-designed pack (That would have been more pretty to photograph) and I wished it had a bit more fancy scent (It’s got a nice but barely there scent). But all in all, I think it’s good value for your money, let’s give it a five and a half over ten.
Have you changed your soap recently? What soap are you using? Leave me a comment down below.


8 Replies to “Product Review || Anana Secrets Apricot Exfoliating Soap”

  1. This review is for me!! I’ve been looking for a new soap that I can use… I used Idole apricot once nd it was amazing…i hope i find this one..🙌🙌 great review👏


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