My Recent Thrift Haul 

In the beginning of 2017, I started clearing out my wardrobe. With the intention of building a simple and efficient wardrobe that catered to my current evolving style. Just like most things of course it wasn’t as easy as it sounded but it’s coming along quite well (even if I do say so myself). 

So about weeks ago, I went thrifting with my mum and I got a few things (which you should have seen on my Instagrambut after watching this vlog by Ralph Ikem I decided to do a Haul post and share with you guys some things i got


I recently realized that I have alot of black trousers and while that’s awesome because Black is bae and a very versatile colour for any wardrobe,  I needed other options and as such I got these three (For 2,500 Naira). The white denim is my favorite because It’s an awesome fit and it gives every outfit a push towards awesomeness. I got the navy blue chinos mostly for church choir, because it has this ‘School Boy Uniform’ feel. The third trouser is a bit more street wear appropriate and gives me gangster vibes, but it’s so tight!!! It takes skinny to a whole new level.

Black + White Shirts 

 I also got a white shirt because I recently realised I had left all my white shirts in Benin Republic and I’m vexed because I used to have alot of white shirts from my brief stint as a law student and schooling in a private university with a dress code. The black shirt was made for my body literally, It kisses my skin and makes me feel like a

You won’t believe the drama surrounding this white shirt, the seller kept going on and on about fine boys and corporate wear and bankers and lawyers (as you can imagine I was preening  over the fine boy remark) and did I mention I got them for eight hundred each (a bit pricey I know but the guy spoke to my vanity).

Bomber Jacket 

This bomber jacket is actually the worst thing I bought, while it’s a great fit, i absolutely hate the designs on it.  I unfortunately realized that after  I got home. However, as I’ve already gotten it I’ve decided I must wear It and slay in it. 

Denim Shirt

I also got this denim shirt which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I love how I feel inside and it is very versatile and I hope to publish a three-way-to-style post here soon.(If I can get photographed though).


I got these reflector shades for six hundred Naira, a day after I went thrifting, mostly because I needed Change and partly because it was simple and understated which is what I’m going for more nowadays. 


If you follow me on Instagram (What are you waiting for? Do so already ) then you would have seen me going on and on about these babies. I love the fact that it’s easy to wear and understated and simple and comfortable (which is everything I look for in a piece) and the fact that I got for a thousand eight hundred Naira.

So there’s it people. 

What have you thrifted recently?  And before I forget how was your weekend? And how’s your Monday ? Leave me with a comment.

P. S I apologize for constantly changing my blog theme but I’ve been trying to figure out a theme that will work for me so please leave me a comment on what you think about this theme and I also updated my about page (read it  here)


9 Replies to “My Recent Thrift Haul ”

  1. Like I always say, “thrift shopping is a life saver. Argue with your brain”. LOL. I’m presently in the hunt for grey denim pants and olive denim jacket. The bomber jacket can’t be that bad. Would have loved to see the full image.


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