Twenty Random Facts About Me 

During my blogging break, I realized I never really started this blog on an awesome foot, doing the whole get-to-know-me thing or share with you guys why I started blogging. After some thinking about it, I was shocked because if you know me personally (or online) you’ll know I love giving random facts/ random questions. I am So Random (who remembers that show). So I decided to share some random 20 facts about me and leave the ‘Why I started blogging’ story for another day.

So Twenty facts 

1) My name is Vincent Desmond. You are probably wondering why I’m stating This seeing how its written down below, but my first name is Desmond not Vincent but most people call me ‘Vincent’ and I genuinely prefer it because only a select few call me my first name. Chances are if you call me Desmond i won’t answer.

2) I have a funny kind of mood. I never get ‘Mad’ even when I do I quickly get over it, like very quickly, the slightest thing can get me excited again. But I brood alot, most people think I’m sad then but I’m just pulling a Stefan Salvatore.

3) I can spend hours reading blogs. Really, whenever I find an awesome blog I just read and read and read, sometimes when I talk to the bloggers later I’ll start giving them facts about them And sometimes they get low-key freaked out. Lol.

4) I am an only son, first of two children.

5) I am more of a book person than a movie person. I will rather read the book than watch the movie any day, any time like Vampire Diaries and True Blood (Southern Vampire Mysteries) and Witches of East End etc the only way I get satisfied is when I read the full series like ten times.

6) I am not a people’s person. I will. go out of my way to avoid people, like really I will follow the longer route just to avoid them, in the past month I can count on one hand how Many people I have  talked to (Minus my mum and sister)

7) I LOVE FOOD. Oddly I’m very picky but if I am given a food I enjoy, I will eat till my tummy hurts.

8) I am just as vain as I sound on social media, even more so in real life. I can spend hours Just looking at the mirror and marvelling. Somedays, I wish mirrors could take screen shots.

9) I spend most time un-dressed (Except it gets into me and I’m just dressing and undressing in front of a mirror) I’m almost always just wearing boxers.

10) I genuinely appreciate women and in almost every argument I take the side of the women because women are Almost always right.

11) I can be oddly brave. I can spend days being sacred of doing something, but when faced squarely with it I’ll do It without blinking. Sometimes, I genuinely wonder ‘why’s that?’

12) I never remember people’s names, but I can remember a face I saw once ten years back.

13) I am psychic. You may find hard this to believe but I just know things and they Almost always turn out to be true.

14) I have two-sided conversations with myself alot!!! Like real passionate conversations, that when I realize myself I just shake my head.

15) I can’t tell colours apart neither can I read time on a clock. Most people find it hard to believe but I genuinely get confused when it comes to colours Like the other I was telling my mom that ‘It was one guy that was wearing a red shirt’ then my younger sister said ‘Ah ah. Red?  It was green’ at the end of the day it was green.

16) My favorite parts of my body are my brows, lips, legs, eyes, hair, and well, as you all know every part of me is PERFECT.

17) My favorite songs are Glee songs and Beyonce songs. Hehee.

18) My favorite channel is E!  And my favorite shows are Keeping Up With The Kardashian and The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. 

19) I am an Obsessive planner.

20) I produce the  best results when left to my own devices, I am too stubborn and arrogant and impatient for otherwise especially when I know my onions on that issue. That’s Why when it comes to group work in school I always do it alone and present it alone. Always. 

And that’s a wrap people, see you guys soon until then don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


13 Replies to “Twenty Random Facts About Me ”

  1. Lol @mirrors taking screenshots! How do you mix up green and red? Howw, they’re too distinct. That’s something lol. I like to think I’m psychic too! Sometimes, I’m not so sure. You already know where I stand on the books and movies ish. Lol


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