New In|| My Faaji Footwear Sandals

The best monday motivation is definitely getting something new to kick start the week. Especially if it’s something you’ve been dying for. Add up a brand with awesome quality, you definitely have an awesome week ahead. I know because that’s currently my reality!!!!

I just got these awesome sandals from the  Faaji Footwear brand and I feel like I’m walking on the moon!!!! A few weeks back, on the 13th of February in particular I was going to school. And all I was thinking was how I needed sandals, because this trekking life plus shoes ain’t gonna cut it. I was already thinking possible DIY, then I realize I SUCK at DIY. Fast forward a few days, I was been asked to pick a style and colour from the Faaji website (Yay-ness!!!!!!!!!) 

You’ld think it would be easy picking a style and colour, but It wasn’t. I had to let my mum in, and she was confused as well because they were all super amazing!!! The styles and colours and everything. I eventually picked this style because it seemed to be the one that calls to my personal style the most and the colours because a)  Black is BAE b)  I Feel like I’ll be pairing this with my tote alot so why not? 

I love the sandals because you can easily tell the quality is out of this world and yet it’s simple. And I also love love the packaging. And it’s a perfect fit, snug without being tight at all and no chaffing of skin which Is what I hate about some sandals. So if you wanna get awesome sandals you know where to go!! 

I’m super grateful to God for prayer-answering, to Faaji and The Blogger Point for giving me a chance to rock this pair  sandals and show off my awesome hairy legs!!!!

Faaji Footwear Instagram here

Their website here.

How’s your Monday going?  Hope you have an awesome week ahead!!!  And expect an outfit post soonest!!!! 

Till then I’m on Instagram  and Twitter.


23 Replies to “New In|| My Faaji Footwear Sandals”

    1. Thank you!!! This comment really made my day!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Lol, so sorry dear. Mine was pretty chill especially with these sandals arriving, just go.home and chill. Expect one very very soon. Thank you and I will do. My best

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