DIY Baking Powder Face Mask

One of the things I love about skincare (Other than how it feeds my vanity)  is that it’s actually inexpensive. For the most part, all you need to do is a little nip and tuck, a little deliberate manipulation and of course use things around you. And by that I mean things easily found at home, like what I’m using in today’s post. I first used this about a year ago, and the effect was really awesome and I kept using till my mum banned me from using her baking powder for anything other than baking. Sighs. But yesterday, I had some extra time and I thought ‘Why Not?’. You can NEVER glow too much, right?  And it’s another post ticked off my list. Lol.

You’ll Need

Baking Powder 


A bowl 

A spoon,

And that’s it.

1) Put half a spoonful of the baking powder into a bowl. 

2) Put a little less than half a spoonful of water in the bowl,  and then mix it. 

3) Feel free to add more water and baking powder depending on how many people are using It and how consistent you want it to be. I like mine thick so I add very little water.

4) Use your fingers to administer it all over your face, and then leave it for ten minutes (Use that time to take selfies because why not?) 

5) Wash it off and enjoy a smoother face and a slightly better complexion.

Extra- I advice moisturizing immediately after.

So what do you guys think of this super easy ‘face mask’?  Have you ever tried it?  Or something similar?  Will you try it? Leave me with a comment.

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13 Replies to “DIY Baking Powder Face Mask”

  1. Wow! This is new. Baking powder? Wow! Would say I’d try it but I won’t. My face is really reactive to things Even I myself don’t know. But I like that’s it’s very inexpensive. Biko, more beauty posts till I can find something I can relate to.


  2. I have tried this before but I added honey to mine and it still left my face too dried but will try again tho. Kudos to you bro.


  3. Tried baking powder once for this annoying pimple and it dried up overnight. Amazing! It can dry out the skin though hence care should be taken when using it and not to make its use often.


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