Life Lately #3

Hey guys, 

I feel like the words from Zayn’s song ‘Like I Would ‘ fits perfectly into this scenenario. ‘Hey what’s up it’s been a while. Talking about it is not my style‘. Lol. I do apologize for the blogging hiatus, I was on the look out for a photographer and then I got disillusioned and then a little writer’s block, but hey I’m back. I didn’t know if I should do a ‘ ‘Currently I Am’ post but it’s an awesome way to ease into the month, so let’s get into it.

Feeling – A lot of not-too much feelings. Does that even make sense?  I don’t have a particular emotion that I am feeling. 

Hoping- To be consistent throughout this month. I spent most of last month crying over my lack of a photographer but I eventually got one. Sort of. The awesome Chidinma of My Style Mirror, agreed to be my photographer – and she isn’t daunted by the fact that I can strike a pose- so Yay!!!  And by the way, the blog schedule from now on is Tuesday for outfit and fashion posts, Thursday for lifestyle posts and Saturday for Beauty *coughs Handsome coughs* posts.  Let’s hope I stick to it.

Watching- Nothing. I think I’bm more of a novel person than a movie person, though I still LOVE movies, coupled with the incessant power outages let’s say movies aren’t in my alley as of late.

Reading– On that note, I got these three awesome novels the day before yesterday and I haven’t even had any interest in Social Media. Lol. So far. I’m done with The Seventh Son (which was so political and stimulating), and I’m halfway through the Knights of The Black and White.

Listening-  To Zayn Malik. At this point, I can say he is my favorite male musician. I just love how he makes me feel so many things at once with just a single note. Though, I’m still addicted to the Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ album and the Grammy performances.

Craving – Catfish pepper soup. My mum is about to prepare it and you can imagine that I am anticipating!!!!!! 

Wishing- For so many things. I have an exam I have to ace and my life depends on it. Sort of. I also need a new laptop, I went to repair my old one today and well, it’s time for a new one.

Hoping – To tick off goals off my list as soon as possible, and that you guys love the outfit posts coming your way

Knowing – I need to stop being so scared of people and try to be social . It didn’t used to be this hard, because I know for a fact that a year ago I was becoming outgoing, but something happened and I’m even more withdrawn than before.

Irritated by- the Nigerian cellular network. Part of the reason I was not consistent last month was because of how Glo played me. And then MTN did me even worse.

Wondering- If ‘Fridays’ exist. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen me complaining about how Fridays seem to be the shortest day in the week.

Drinking – So I just drank a bottle of sprite and well, it felt GOOD!!!  Lol, i’m still a Fanta ardent but a chill bottle of Sprite Never hurt.

Unsure of – A few things but mostly about trying to be defensive to people calling me a Snob or not. Or to just not address the issue.  Because it’s been something that has been giving me a little bit of worry, because I know that I occasionally SNUB people but I’m not a SNOB. Sighs.

 Admiring- Several people. I recently started following some super creative people on social media (Instagram) and I definitely want to share some of them with you so, subscribe and get notified when new posts come up. Yes? 

Loving – This pair of loafers I got for a thousand eight hundred Naira!!! 

The best part was that I thrifted them myself!!!! Yes, my thrifting skills are becoming better!!! You can expect to see them in outfit posts.

Wondering- about what to do with my hair!!  Not a traditional male worry but have you met me? 

I’m not very very very hairy but for a seventeen year old, I am definitely hairy!!  I have no Idea what to do to make my hair glow always!!!  I mean, my facial hair. Having to shave weekly is a bore but a chore I have to do if I don’t want to look like a Sirius-Black – just-got-out-of-Azkaban lookalike.

Amused by- People who ‘lick’ tea. No joke, people still say they want to ‘lick tea’. I don’t know why it makes me roll on the floor with laughter. And my laughter is very annoying. Also amused by my mother and younger sister’s sarcasm.

And that’s that on this month’s edition of Life Lately, but don’t fret follow me on Instagram @quirksandoutfits and twitter @quirksandoutfits.


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