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Hey guys,

Anyways, other than re-watch Beyoncé slay so hard in her Grammy Performance and freak out over the Grammy winnings (I’ll stop here before I get so deep into this) I’m doing nothing special this special day to celebrate Love. I will however be listening to even more Love songs. And maybe some skin care, because I go to love myself even harder for me and my soon to be Valentine. So I  thought why not share some with you guys? 

1) Beyoncè – Drunk  In Love

Remember that year?  When all you saw was Beyonce singing and dancing like the goddess she is?  Oh wait, that’s every year right?  Well, I’m talking of this special performance of a love song that managed to be physical and still special, it’s amazing how she does it though. Blend two realistic concepts and still make it sound beautiful, unreal and normal. And yes, her husband was there too. 

2) Whitney Houston – Greatest Love (Is Learning To Love Yourself) 

One of my queens!!!  The late Whitney’s (God bless her soul) Greatest Love of All was the first song In the first compilation of songs I listened to (That I remember)  and is by default the first song I ever listened to. I’ll be listening to this particularly to remind myself that I have the best Valentine ever – myself.

3) Adam Lambert – If I Had You

I personally love Adam’s vibes,  it’s creative and amazing. And this particular song is a perfect choice for Valentine, what’s better than telling someone ‘If I had you, that would be the only thing i’ld ever need’?  

Dear Future Valentine, you better sing this or something along this line next year.

4) Adele – Hello 

Twenty eight year old Grammy Award extraordinare Adele’s song Hello is possibly my favorite non-Beyonce song. She kills me with her astounding vocals, her artistic expression, her story telling ability, and her vibe just makes me feel so many emotions with each rising soulful note. I fell in love with Hello, hated it, then fell madly in love with it again. It’s steered towards breakup (Or the aftermath of a breakup)  but I definitely love LOVE it and it’s definitely worth a listen this Valentine.

5) Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You 

Kelly!!! I am actually  a die-hard fan of Kelly Clarkson, though I don’t front it like I front my Bey-Hive identity card, but still I love her talent. And this particular song is something I hope to one day sing to that special deserving someone. Someday. After I get my verified instagram account, a P. A and awards.
6) Glee – Love Shack

How I loved that performance!!!  When Blaine came back and totally made Kurt’s Valentine and rocked so hard on stage with a sorta imprompt duet. That performance was so lit and catchy, the lyrics are so funny and story-like.

7) Sam Smith – Leave Your Lover

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw me ‘singing’ this a few weeks back. *Hides face* anyways I love Sam Smith’s ..everything . I see him as a Male Adele. Lol.

8) Katy Perry – Teenage Dream 

Definitely one of my favorite Katy Perry song, after Fireworks, Unconditional,  By The Grace of God, I Kissed A Girl, Dark Horse, It Takes Two and…  wait do I love Katy that much?  And I always thought  I was more of a Lady Gaga fan!!  Well I love them equally then. But Teenage Dream is beautiful. Very. It’s like the song was written for me!! And it doesn’t hurt that Glee did a rad cover.

9) Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk

Oh Zayn. Why so amazing? Zayn left One Direction and started a Solo career and dropped this song that has me wondering who had the creative direction for the video?  Because it was too lit. And then the song? It turns me to liquid sugar.

10) Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

The promise of forever is tantalizing to us whose existence lasts for a brief minute. That is the allure that this song holds, someone that realises they love you  but they have to go If only for you to be.

‘If I should stay, I will only be in your way. So I’ll go but I know I’ll think of you every step of the way. And I’ll will always love you”

11) Jennifer Hudson – If This Isn’t Love 

Jennifer Hudson is such an amazing singer. I love her performance in Dreamgirls, and her songs give me so much life. P. S a worthy listen from her is Spotlight and also her performance from Dreamgirls ‘I’m Not Going ‘.  Her song Spotlight and If This Isn’t Love  are like Adele’s Hello and Someone Like You.

12) Obiwon – Obim ‘o

I admit to hardly listening to Nigerian songs because I hardly find good Nigerian songs with soulful undertone other than a few like Dare, Adekunle and a few. Please comment worthy listens down below. But as a kid,  I was asked to choose a song to sing in class, I picked this one learnt every word, the day of the performance I went out and froze. I literally couldn’t talk. It was one of my scariest moments ever. But the song is one of my favorite songs ever and it’s a secret fantasy song for me.

13) Mariah Carey – Emotions 

First of all, before you listen to this song you should be aware of her breath sucking, head turning, ear piercing vocal performance. Her control of the whistle register is just superb. Like overly awesome

14) Big Time Rush ft Jordin Sparks – Count on You 

That collaboration was just lit. I love Jordin and BTR!!  Carlos, Logan, James and yes even Kendall. Voices and personalities like no other and them mashing up with Jordin that is my not so secret crush, was more than awesome. I used to fantasize having a duet with that oh-so-special someone.

15) Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown – No Air

Is there anyone that doesn’t know and love this song? No one right? Good. I remember when I was writing an external exam and spent far too much time with my cousins listening and rehearsing for a performance we never got to perform.

Extra –

 Empire- What Is Love

And there it is guys!!!  My fifteen plus one songs for this Valentine. Nothing too special, so please drop your suggestions and what you will be doing this Valentine down below.


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  1. I’ll be so busy tomorrow that i doubt i’ll have time to listen to any music 😭😭😭 i’ll probably be spending Val’s Day in a boring class. Or else the class is cancelled tho.


  2. Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is just the best. Like this song made me want to get a boyfriend and run away from Nigeria and just be spontaneous🙌
    Beyonce is a Goddess👸


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